Trump says U.S. national parks to reopen soon, no details given

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Dolt 45 wants to open national parks when all anyone will be thinking about is finding/returning to a job, feeding and sheltering themselves and their loved ones and crawling out from under a huge mountain of debt.


Just post one thread a day, “Idiot says stuff”. We’ll know what you mean.




serious question despite the obvious cocaine jokes

why does trump always sound congested with a post-nasal drip?

I never really noticed the before because couldn’t stand to listen to him more than a minute but now very obvious with the daily fifth-grade reading sessions to the press (powerful, so true, powerful, so true)

thought he was sick but it’s been going on weeks now

ps. million cases by the weekend, open everything! what a country


I’ve read a couple of remarks by people that Thump snorts adderal and used to do coke. They also say he has had septum reconstruction. One such person is Noel Casler, who worked on The Apprentice.


Perhaps they’re opening the parks so they have more burial grounds?


Trump says something to stay on top of the headlines no matter what. Details to follow.


Trump says something else! Details to follow.

Meanwhile, rational intelligent people say things all the time, and don’t get headlines. I don’t love Biden, but I know he must have said something today. No doubt AOC and Bernie also said things.

I guess we’ll never know because 45 is the only thing anyone ever fucking talks about.

Can we just leave a header that says ‘Trump still a moron that says stupid things and is willing to kill people for a slight bump in the stock market, every day!’. Then go and talk about other things that are both real and useful in some way?

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Do bison catch coronaviruses? Will they be pissed off that they are no longer the most dangerous feature of Yellowstone?

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Or (actually more likely in comparison) open to logging, drilling, and hunting.


Trump says … no details given

In further news – bears shit in woods


Always, always, ALWAYS look for the money trail and/or self-promoting nonsense when Trump proposes anything. I’m not usually cynical, but in his case it ALWAYS comes down to flexing his power or lining his pockets.

So, why is he proposing opening the national parks now? Two reasons:

  1. It’s one of the few things he might have some actual control over. He can’t force states to reopen, so he’ll open national parks. Then he’ll tell everyone how great it was that he started the trend of “reopening America.”

  2. You can’t drill for oil and gas if the fucking park is closed. And this administration and his lackeys want to plunder the shit out of our national parks.

Money and ego stroking. The only reason Trump does anything.


Not only that, he did the real estate weasel trick of not actually promising anything, no dates, no conditions. Just a nice big vague statement of the obvious. Of course the parks will be opening soon… with a large enough definition of “soon”. It’s just the same language that a developer with a project on the rocks uses to keep potential investors interested and keep the banks from foreclosing.

In other words, I see this as a sign that he can sense the foreclosure on his future looming large, and is trying to keep the rubes mollified.


Well - mean - of all the things you can do away from other people, camping and hiking is one of those things. But I’ve been to Garden of the Gods and the Petrified forest, and those can get rather busy. So… just be smart about it if you go out. I know some people still biking and hiking and jogging. Just away from others.

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