Trump exposes National Parks to oil company drilling


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Well, not all of us…


Why stop at national parks? How about allowing drilling at national historic landmarks? Or the National Capital Parks?


Can’t have a fox in every henhouse if all the foxes are dead.

…I’m not sure what my point is. This sucks.


Not really. Trump keeps ordering awful things, but nothing is getting done. The top zillion jobs at Interior are unfilled. Who exactly is going to do the “reconsidering?” Thank goodness, he is turning out to be the least effective president in forever.


Lord dampnut is a fucking cocknob. What idiot, besides him and a few other greedy oil-igarchs thinks this is a good idea?


I was expecting this. Somewhere back in the BB BBs is my bold prediction. Drill baby, drill! Sad!


Yosemite National Timeshare Funscape

Trump International Spa at Yellowstone

Scion Grizzly Bear Safari Adventure

Come for the fun . . . stay for the discount petroleum products!


Just going to leave this here.


It’s all fun till oil is discovered under Trump Tower.


Meanwhile, oil companies be like:


We are going to have to prepare ourselves. Our country is going to suffer great ruining, disasters, and catastrophes. It’s going to get much worse so get ready for it. I was thinking today that we, the rational America, needs provisional leadership. Trump and the current leadership are insane. They couldn’t care or do good if they wanted to.

All branches of government have fallen down. The people need to fill the gap.


Trump exposes National Parks to oil company drilling


This is hyperbolic. If the anti-Trump movement starts placing Trump in the same basket as every other tin pot dictator and talks about their country as a failed state, the broader public is not going to take anything rational they say seriously. Provisional leadership - to take over after Trump has somehow been overthrown, I guess? Yeah, that sounds democratic. Your country has mechanisms for succession built into the constitution, specifically to avoid ever having a power vaccuum.

I think it’s a travesty, it’s selfish and greedy, but Trump is within his rights to do this for the time being (though there will surely be legal attempts to block this EO). From a purely political standpoint, it makes sense. Trump needs to shore up support among the Republican base ahead of next year’s midterms, which the Republicans are on a crash course toward losing right now. As @winkybber posted earlier, this was expected, particularly given Republican dominance. Drilling in national parks has always been a Republican plank.


Considering the supervulcano under it, fracking at Yellowstone sounds like an exceptionally bad idea.


No one. Even Trump only thinks it’s good because oil company execs told him it was. Fossil fuel companies are desperate right now - the “carbon bubble” is about to pop and they’re looking to loot the market while they can, before their industry goes bye-bye (coal) or becomes comparatively unprofitable as the previously externalized costs come home to roost.


My main concern is that the GOP will work with Trump just enough to not appear to be ‘blatantly traitorous’, but enough to make permanent changes in the government that favor business over air, water, health, social justice, truth, science, you name it.


I’m going to ignore your entire statement. What you have said is completely counter productive and is a recipe for the decimation of every living thing in the country and maybe the planet. This government is greatest threat to the biosphere since an asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs. That is no hyperbole

The first point of order is provisional leadership to contend with intra and international threats. This government is incapable of performing basic government functions. The Trump administration is like an autoimmune disease that consumes and destroys the host body.


The National Park Service was founded by a Republican President. Lots of ordinary Republicans think that protecting those areas from exploitation is a pretty good idea. This isn’t about keeping his voter base happy, it’s about keeping the right-wing oligarchs who bankroll him happy.


Call me a legal rights skeptic but this is why I’ve long suspected that what we value as ‘rights’ are really just legal allowances–some morally justifiable, some not so much. If the POTUS has the legal allowance to open national parks to plunder by oil barons, that’s a ‘right’ Congress ought to consider eliminating.