Caltech astrophysics professor who harassed women has resigned

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According to more than 1,000 pages of emails and chat messages submitted to the investigators,

Um, that’s a lot of data.


“I didn’t see a lot of action on the part of people that I considered to be my role models in my field,” Kleiser said. “So that’s kind of difficult, and I think that makes it harder to want to stay and eventually take a permanent position in a place like this.”

It is often cited that it’s not hard to get women into STEM, but it’s hard to keep them in STEM. I wonder why…


Dr. Peter Venkman:
Chriatian, someone with your qualifications would have no trouble finding a top-flight job in either the food service or housekeeping industries.


A lot of men in academia hide behind the spectrum. It’s especially frustrating to me who am diagnosed HFA and am perfectly capable of not pretending my emotional development plateaued at age 14. But it isn’t just the trouble-makers, it’s a don’t-rock-the-boat climate with some really self-serving politics on the academic ladder. Character flaws like this don’t spring from nowhere. The odds that he’s harassed women before are pretty solid. That he received tenure in the first place reflects poorly on the whole environment that protected him from consequences.

Unfortunately he is unlikely to have a great deal of difficulty landing a better-paying job in the private sector.


Ridicule will have to suffice.


Makes me angry that once again an asshole employed to think with his brain started to use his penis instead and harassed a (probably) brilliant scientist out of her career.


Ah that’s right, sexual harrassment is fine if she’s hot. Yikes.


Based on his past history here, I’m fairly sure @SomeDude was being sarcastic. Hope I’m correct.


Back in the 1960s they didn’t have these problems - Caltech was about 100% male.

As the spouse of an academic, I can assure you that this is a rampant problem across many, many disciplines. Higher-ups usually turn a blind eye, especially for those who pull in big grants or do “sexy” research that gets published in high-profile journals.

If those individuals do move over to the “private” sector, they don’t suddenly change their behavior. And even in the private sector, harrassment cases can move at a snail’s pace, but eventually the noose starts to tighten:

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