Cambridge Analytica became a US powerhouse thanks Mercer's laundered money and a judas goat named John Bolton


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Well, that explains the Bolton nat sec position. Dollars to donuts Trump knows nothing about selecting a security advisor, he just had deals to pay back. Huh. I guess he does pay back some contractors…


I went to read the full article, and that page has a facebook script on it… Thank goodness for script & ad blockers!


Drain The Smamp.


Yikes, the “deep state” Bannon always talks about is even deeper on his side…


What is all this nonsense? Everybody knows Putin dun it.


Yea, but the building contractors generally don’t have access to the pee tapes.


Potentially relevant:


Mercer’s type of thinking that MAD has got it wrong, is extraordinarily dangerous. Perhaps someone should use some radiation on him to show him its not “healthy” for living things.
Christ, what an idiot.


Interesting story in The Guardian:


And there’s his science expert.


Oh, good. He can volunteer for the Fukushima cleanup crew.


Oh and the story is getting a bit bigger on the Thiel-front.

It looks like my hunch was/is right. If there’s anyone that knows enough to connect the dots now outside of the whistleblower in question it’s Peter Thiel (since he probably was in on this scheme).


At this rate, it’ll probably turn out that Palantir sold social-bot tech to the Russians for the trifecta.


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