Cambridge Analytica is out of business, but its heavy hitters have reopened under a new name


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The Blackwater Gambit.


but “Emerdata” is a new company, whose board includes the daughters of Robert Mercer, who bankrolled Cambridge Analytica;



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Mercer Twins Powers Activate!

Directors / Officers

    AHMAD AL KHATIB, director, 23 Jan 2018-
    ALEXANDER BRUCE TAYLER, director, 28 Mar 2018-
    CHENG PENG, director, 23 Jan 2018-
    JENNIFER MERCER, director, 16 Mar 2018-
    JOHNSON CHUN SHUN KO, director, 23 Jan 2018-
    JULIAN DAVID WHEATLAND, director, 11 Aug 2017-
    REBEKAH ANNE MERCER, director, 16 Mar 2018- 

Inactive Directors / Officers

    ALEXANDER JAMES ASHBURNER NIX, director, 23 Jan 2018-28 Mar 2018


It was so transparent when they set up the new company what they were going to do.

Except in that case, they just changed their name to Xe (now Academi) - they didn’t even bother with this legal fiction that they were a different company. I suppose the only reason why they didn’t just change the name in this case is because there’s all sorts of legal liability they’re avoiding by “shutting down.”


that was fast.


Clearly we need some sort of specialists in big Data surveillance and analytics to keep track of all this.


I wonder if they have the next company set up as well?


“Surprise factor zero, Captain.”


And CA is going bankrupt, stiffing it’s employees and creditors. Sounds like a plan.


Insolvency, right. Either the money was never in those companies, or it was sucked out.



They are fools if they don’t.


Emerdata Ltd has a subsidiary called Firecrest Technologies Ltd, incoropoted on March 7th…


Conveniently, someone else’s Finecrest Technologies was dissolved 5 April 2016.

Is this new one in the UK as well?


Wow, suprise surprise /s

The UK’s official registrar of businesses and organizations, Companies House, lists an active company called Emerdata Limited, headquartered at the same offices as SCL Elections and run by much of the same management and investors as Cambridge Analytica. It even describes itself as a “data processing, hosting and related activities” organization.

For instance, Dr Alexander Taylor was appointed a director of Emerdata on March 28. That’s Cambridge Analytica’s acting CEO and data wizard Dr Alexander Taylor. Julian Wheatland is an Emerdata director who is also a director within the SCL network of organizations.

Jennifer and Rebekah Mercer are directors of Emerdata, and are the daughters of ultra-wealthy businessman Robert Mercer who created and bankrolled Cambridge Analytica. Billionaire Bob has given tens of millions of dollars to rightwing political efforts. Jennifer and Rebekah also had a hand in Cambridge Anal.


Etymology, please.


In italian the company name sounds funnily scatological.


the anagram for cambridge analytica could be…
a almanac bridge city for example