Cambridge Analytica pleads guilty, faces the first in a probable series of criminal convictions


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c;mon man. I just got over my last round of forgetting that image existed.

Hopefully these prosecutions yield better results than any action to come out of Panama papers.


If ever there were a case to be made for piercing the corporate veil…




“Administrators” here means those appointed to manage the insolvent company (not sysadmins).


I hope this yields some toothsome tidbits for Mueller as well.


The UK gets $26000 and we get Trump.


The guys who matter never stand trial. I assume they have some disposable mooks to take the fall. As for bankrupting the company, what are the odds some crooked politician has a million ready to go for version 2.0?


The insolvent company itself is a disposable mook.


I wish there was more info on the US/Mercer side of the company. Was it only political operators like Bannon, or did they have a parallel technical side with people and unseized computers?


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