Cambridge Analytica shut down


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For all the low level employees suddenly out of a job you have my sympathies and I hope for a new job soon.

For the leadership. I hope you are are so tainted no company or venture capitalist will touch you again.


Too bad the opposite is likely true.


Wanna bet?


Oh hell they will probably become the exact same company just with a different name.


Really shut down, or just going to ground while they do a name change and print new business cards?


Let’s keep an eye on the owners. Cambridge Analytica is just the name of the current business.


Hmm. Will other Mercer companies shut down, like Breitbart?


My thoughts as well:

It’s like whack-a-mole. The money people are without shame, and any embarrassment is temporary.


That was my thought. I’d say they could rebrand as Xe, but someone else already did that.


Ninja!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


What do you know that the rest of us don’t?

Because we’ve been seeing for decades now corrupt executives avoid prosecution, get golden parachutes, and then re-hired for huge salaries (even if they ended up doing jail time) because, “Executive talent is rare”.


“Screenshots from the company’s internal chat service obtained by Gizmodo show a darkly comic mood in anticipation of the call. One employee shared bleakly titled Spotify playlists in Slack featuring songs like “High and Dry” by Radiohead, “The End” by The Doors, and “Help!” by The Beatles. Another employee posted a still from Titanic showing the ship’s band playing their instruments as the vessel sinks.” -Gizmodo


And before mid-terms too! What ohhhh what are republicans going to do?


And … what about the data they’re currently sitting on. Is that a sellable asset? What responsibility will the buyer have with that asset?


Russia already has it. China, Iran, North Korea…

“The company has said that it deleted the trove of data. A report posted on its website says that it’s awaiting a forensic audit to confirm the information has been destroyed.” -TheHill

If you believe that I have a slightly used bridge for sale.


IIRC, they already have.


Well, SCL / CA will probably sell off all “assets” super cheap to another, identical, company.

One which will retain all of the core staff, tech, connections and so on of the old.


LOL, no doubt! “Formerly Cambridge Analytica, reorganized now as Populace Analytica.”


It will be back in six months to a year with a new name some new low level staff and the majority of the original owners. A company like Cambridge Analytica doesn’t just shut down, it goes into hibernation until the sh#t storm it had a hand in blows over and then it rebrands and opens up before the next election cycle. It just gets a little tougher each time to wash off the smell of their former bull$hittery each time they go through their close/rebrand/re-open cycle.


This is almost certainly just smoke and mirrors.

As has been pointed out before, Cambridge Analytica was set up as a shell company, with essentially no assets, owned by a chain of other companies. The controlling directors have already opened new companies with the same ownership.