Top execs at Cambridge Analytica boast about using sex workers to blackmail politicians


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The ironic symmetry here is really stunning.

Secret recordings are a useful tool. You don’t say.


Using a “wealthy developer”. You don’t say?

Who is Jared Kushner?


Lordy, I do hope there are more recordings like these.


It seems that they’re getting paid by their ultimate client not only in cash but in hard-won KGB and FSB experience.


Their research on the most commodious prison cells is going to came in handy.


So…45 is right, it’s not Russia; it’s been these British assholes the entire time?!?

I really am ready to go back to my home planet now.


“We’ll offer a large amount of money to the candidate, to finance his campaign in exchange for land for instance, we’ll have the whole thing recorded, we’ll blank out the face of our guy and we post it on the Internet.”



This is the real reason they don’t want women in politics; men are so easy to compromise.


I am told that the secure cells at Paddington Green police station are not bad, but people don’t usually get put in those unless they are arrested on terrorism charges or high treason (or something else like that).


If by “British assholes” you mean Cambridge Analytica… the “Cambridge” of the name is in Massachusetts, not Britain. These are our assholes.


"Part Three, on the company’s work in the United States, will be broadcast at 7pm tomorrow (Tuesday, 20 March 2018). "

It’s going to be a fun news cycle tomorrow afternoon. /s

(Wonder if they will snag Ted Cruz…)


I’m sorry…maybe my ears were lying to me, but all three men from Cambridge Analytica sounded British to me.

labeling a person British is not in fact naming the country of Great Britain.


Oh yes, because Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May have been stunning paragons, standing above the fray by the power of their vaginas.

But seriously, what the fuck? That was a painfully sexist comment - there are good, bad, and everywhere-in-between people of all genders in politics. Saying one is somehow less corruptible than another is agonizingly ignorant.


I was weirdly unsurprised when this came out. I mean, sure, the depths of sleaziness and moral depravity that CA, the Mercers, the Trump campaign engage in have no lower limits. So why not?

[why not both.gif]
All sorts of assholes have been implicated in working (illegally) to get Trump elected (and Brexit passed). Seems like there might have been some overlap, too - Russia’s Lukoil was really interested in US political information (but weirdly not how it could be commercially applied) that they got from CA, for some reason…

No, it actually is Cambridge, England. (It’s located in London, but they hired some people from Cambridge and wanted to associate themselves with the university.) Which created problems for election work because having foreigners do that kind of stuff is illegal. Which is why they created a US shell company in Massachusetts that they could use to pretend to have done the work here. It’s sleazy and illegal on all sorts of levels.

Yeah, they are. (I think there are also some Americans and Canadians and others that work there, but it’s London-based.)


So, does Illuminati still control everything? Or is Cambridge Analytica trying to take over their business model?


Channel 4 News says CA will be a top item for the next five days, so don’t be surprised if they have a lot more.


I will bet money they have a 300lb guy who works in the basement…ya know, just for appearances sake :slight_smile:


Alexander Nix, head of CA reminds me of the charmingly creepy Robert Bennett of ‘Edge of Darkness’'s International Irradiated Fuels (played by Hugh Fraser). Except CA appear to be much sleazier than a company illegally handling nuclear waste.