Massive Cambridge Analytica leak reveals global election manipulation: Malaysia, Kenya and Brazil

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I’m not shocked, but I do continue to be disappointed. Fucking arseholes.


The people who did this, and the politicians that benefitted from it should each get a kick in the nuts for each and every person whose data they abused for this fuckery. I guess that would teach them. I volunteer to do some of the kicking.


This seems to confirm something I already suspected, that CA’s data operations were vaporware and worked as a cover for more conventional forms of election shenanigans like money laundering.


And how convenient that all this is effectively buried by what’s going on in the middle east right now. I hope that this will change as more documents are revealed.


Wealth needs “speach” no?

How can the money flex its power without buying politicians? Politicians need money, money needs politicians. It is natural.

I am pleased by digital files and those driven do-gooder whistle blowers who bring these “dark” monies into the light. Follow the money and the people who must hide their buckets of ˈdʌkəts.

Dark monies. What a notion. Does the term apply to Trump and his hidden tax documents. Secret taxes, dark money.

Long live truth tellers who draw our attention. I am grateful to these sloppy corrupted actors such as Cambridge Analytics who show
evil doing it’s thing. Now we know.

Still wanna see my presidents tax claims. He MUST have something to hide, why else use every scrap of his power to hide it? Dark monies and politics go hand in hand. No?


Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts, A novel that blew my mind as I recovered from my latest surgery, this book speaks to corruption of government by money from dark places.

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