Cambridge Analytica data-raid: the number is "much greater than 87 million"


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“much greater than 87 million.”

Good, that narrows it down.


How much greater? How many?


All the friends of the 87 million. Especially galling is that this includes careful users that go on every month or so and spend a half-hour re-adjusting their security and privacy and ad settings, but who have “friends” who click on anything.


Surely many of those friends are already among the 87 million? Numbers, I want numbers!


I downloaded an app once to learn Hiragana, and I was disappointed to learn my “free” app would only teach me 10 characters and the rest were inexpensive.

I remember this app demanding a lot of weird permissions. I wonder if they sold me to CA?


I want Revelations! with a side of Deuteronomy!


Stupid quizzes posted on Facebook – I’m thinking this might also provide data to bots, ya? Does anybody know if perhaps Facebook gets access to at least some of the quiz data?


I always assumed it was to scrape for bad passwords. I saw a “what was the name of your childhood pet” quiz the other day. Why not just ask “What was your mothers maiden name?”.


The upper bound is the total number of Facebook users. That’s probably the most accurate estimate.


"much greater than 87 million"



All of it.


Well, the buried lede here is that at least CA were good at something!


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I really look forward to the day CA is out of the news so I don’t have to look at that ridiculous logo with its pseudo graph. Why do the lines bend without nodes? WHY?! ANSWER ME!!!


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