Facebook: Actually, looks like Cambridge Analytica got 87 Million user records


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Just getting their figures right before testimony because, well, the NSA knows.



In 2016 we heard

The company says it holds data on 230 million adults across the U.S

which they say they got from

…transaction information from loyalty cards, club and gym memberships and charity donations

I wonder if we’ll find out that a lot more it came from Facebook?


Let’s just call it an even 100 million.


So are we supposed to believe that their data security processes don’t include any basic counting functions so they know what/how much data they’ve actually got?


Facebook got all my personal data and all I got was this lousy президент


Can we just round it up to like say, every users info ever has been sold by this BS Zucked up social media cluster f!@k, that’a do it for me anyways.


Eh, if you leak one it is a betrayal. If you leak 50 million it is only a statistic; and if you leak 87 million it’s still only a statistic; so the two are basically identical, no?


Waiting for the gripping shoe to drop.


This reminds me that one of the big surveillance agencies – probably NSA, maybe FBI – claims they can’t accurately count the number of collection records or records queries (or something like that) pertaining to U.S. persons.


The essence of the zuckerpunch is that you know the whole time that it’s coming and going to be sleazy and underhanded; but the delivery still surprises you.

And even having been that way for years still makes it hard to predict the exact nature of the surprise; though it solidifies your certainty of its arrival.


And yet they expect us to believe that they are deriving Actionable Intelligence™ so valuable it’s worth the panopticon from a heap they claim to not have the tools to distinguish between ‘pertains to U.S. person’ and ‘other’ and count the two piles. Seems legit.


I know I keep repeating myself, but
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