Camera crew films an incredible fight between two bears

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Looks like the one that started it got more than bargained for. If you come at the king, you best not miss!


Probably fighting over the camera crew.


Longer video showing the blinds they were in and other footage:


Big drooly bastards, aren’t they?

I like how R bear is like, I am a bear. But given that you, L bear, are also a bear, Imma hide behind this tree.

edit: at 2:37 or so, is that another bear that came by to check out the ruckus?

edit 2: at 4:19 the winning bear rears up at the tree and grabs something with his mouth.Has this just been a game of capture the flag all along?


Or the contents of the cabin…

ETA: the second, longer video posted above makes it clearer there are two structures. Couldn’t really see that well in the original.


Like elementary school kids. “If you don’t shut up, I’m going to come out from behind this tree and kick your ass. I swear.” Then a few punches, then a lot of rolling around on the ground.

Except, augmented by very sharp claws, sharp teeth, and massive strength and actual agression. Otherwise the same.


And because the world needs it - the BBC brings you bears scratching to a Hans Zimmer soundtrack:


It’s more:

“Imma fight you! Oh, Imma fight you! If, if, this tree would just get out of my way. Tree, stop this, get outta my way, tree! Tree, c’mon! Oh, Imma fight you! You are so lucky Tree is getting between us! I will get you!”

But then they actually did get into it! I think the tree-guy wasn’t scared so much as looking for the best opportunity to attack. [EDIT: altho, tree-guy was the retreater, so he probably was a little scared.]

And what were they fighting over? At 2:33, a cub scampers in background. (But only females would fight over that?) Over a food source? Territory?

And how the f-ck did they have so many cameras/blinds centered on that one spot? (Mustve had a food bait there: at 4:16, meat hung on tree?)

For all that fighting, I didnt see any damage, any blood on the ‘retreating’ bear. (A lot of drool was obviously expended though.) If this were monkeys/apes fighting, someone’s going to lose their face, fingers, and/or testicles.

TY, @kanadanmajava for being so informative. @David_Guilbeaul amazing video! I had no idea. "Can I go to the tree--" "F_ck, no!"


There was an Ask Metafilter many moons ago about the best way to fight a bear empty-handed. The basic answer was, they have all the above-mentioned advantages and they’ve been practicing by fighting other bears. Nothing you’re going to do to them is going to faze them.



In this part of Finland we have quite a lot bears. And seeing them in the nature is now a form of tourism. They have constructed this kind of observation cabins in the best places. Some treats are of course used to keep the bears visiting the places.

I don’t think that the bears were fighting very seriously. Neither of them took much damage or even resorted to run away in panic. It was quite hot here when the video was taken so the bears were likely slightly overheating.


Grizzly will eat cubs, both black bear and grizzly. Here’s a video you may find interesting in that context. Some may find this disturbing . This particular fight in Finland, judging by the scene at the end of the video suggest maybe there was bait on the tree, maybe creating this conflict artificially.

Grizzly’s will also eat adult bears, here are a couple Banff favourites having an encounter:


That wasn’t true in the Battle of the Three Monkey Armies boinged a couple days ago, was it?

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These new Olympic sports are really brutal.


Just as long as they don’t smoke weed.


bears are apparently not a risk to cannabis plants. This guy wrote a book called “Bear Dude” (of course), haven’t read it. This is close to the area I grew up; Christina Lake is very beautiful. But don’t feed wild animals


Don’t know about you but I would only film this with a 4000mm lens to make sure I’m at least a kilometer away

Really loving the third bear just tiptoeing around the others to GTFO.

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Males will also kill females to entice? other females to mate with them.

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