Camera crew films an incredible fight between two bears

Neither was this guy (also totally not staged).


I’ve heard they kill cubs for that reason, puts the sows into estrus. But I dunno, sounds like attributing motive to simple mayhem :slight_smile: All this bear on bear violence kinda surprises me; the ones in the area I grew up in were all timid, mostly vegetarian , like those in that grow op story I posted above.
here’s a little video from that incident, you can see they are not very territorial:

So, these two huffing fat-asses fought to exhaustion over a tree?

I did like that once they were gasping, they both accepted a stalemate. Really, they needed a 10 point must system, but even then, nobody’s going on to fame.

As to myself, I would never fight anyone who uses fists, feet, or teeth…or weapons…or expects me to fight back.

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Not enough pic-a-nic baskets.

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I was glad when it Finnished.

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Holy fuck!!! :flushed:

That low, low guttural noise bears make when, I don’t know, letting something know they’re about to have a really, really bad day is …
fucking primal.

Maybe not win…but what about survive?

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And that tree is going like, “Well this is awkward …”

Scratching an itch is the bear necessity in life!

yep I currently live there for the summer two or three houses away , neighbors are constantly coming down and warning me there’s a bear nearby .

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I think it was from a PBS documentary or some other “behind the scenes” show where one of the wildlife photographers described a scene where a bear killed a younger, smaller female to mate with the other one. I don’t know if its supposed to be some sort of threat or a show of might or what.

I’ve seen other shows where, yeah, a mother with cubs are avoiding other males like they were predators. :confused:

Nature is pretty dark when you learn about the nitty gritty. Most of the deaths come hard.

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beautiful place, I hope you enjoy it. I didn’t mean to minimize the risk associated with black bears, just these ones seemed to be somewhat tame; they’re probably all cycled out of the population. Just yesterday there was a young woman, a tree planter, killed by a black bear in Northern Alberta. So far this year three bear fatalities in Alberta that I know of , one a woman in her yard. All of them appear to be predatory attacks.

“Fight bear”
“With what?”
“Your bare hands against his bear hands?”

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