What goes on when you are not there!


Popular wisdom has led me astray, this is NOT what I’ve been told bears do in the woods.


Back scratch fever!


I love how bear #1, having found the perfect back-scratching tree, goes off to fetch its buddies, and they all come back ten minutes later.

Hey! Hey guys! Come on, you have to try this! Seriously, you have to, it’s the best thing ever!


Yeah, so, the Harlem Shake craze might be over, but…

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Not to be a party pooper, but my guess it it was a mother and her cubs. As far as I know bears are solitary creatures. Cubs can stay with their mother for 2 years or so before they get chased off.

But I don’t claim to be an expert so anything I just typed could be totally wrong.

Needs to have better music for the bear pole-dancing part. I tried it with “Shake that ass bitch” by 2LiveCrew and it was pretty good, but I am going to try it with “Fire Woman” by The Cult later.

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That tree has got it going ON!

The synchronized back scratch at :54 was excellent, but I think my favorite starts at 1:50, when the deer shows up after the party’s over…

“What’s this? (sniff, sniff) Oh, $&*#!”

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The first bear was a black bear, the larger bear was a brown bear and the sow (dam) of the triplets.

They do a lot of things, scratching is very normal especially after coming out of hibernation or shedding. Bears will also have wallows for naps where they roll and make flattened spots in grass near river beds especially (salmon being the napping stimulus after gorging).

Haha! I see I wasn’t the only one who thought “pole dance”.


Well done.

Best damn scratchin’ tree in the forest!

Bearly plausible.

(BTW, the scratching/rubbing is territory marking. “I live here. This is who I am. This highest scratch is how big I am. Wanna make something of it?”. Sow and cubs, of course, turn it into “this is who we are, and don’t bother us 'cause Momma can whip your butt.”

Don’t scratch too hard or Yogi will get a Boo Boo

Dag nabbit bears, that dem der is my back scratchin tree!

Bearnip tree!

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That was my first thought, but… the vid’s gone :frowning:

Bear dance party!