These bears are down with the boogie


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In fact the first three are Russian bears hearing about the US election results.


So, you don’t need to attempt outrunning a bear, you just need to get your friend to scratch its back…


…or carry a large supply of itching powder.


Maybe I’m in a strange mood today, but I want to give those bears a big hug.


That must have been fun to edit.


And those bears would love a hug!

Too bad you smell like delicious meat on the hoof…


Somebody call for a dancin’ bear?



This only reinforces crude racial stereotypes, and that’s not even a jungle.




Am I the only one thinking how much it would bite to have fleas from cave to grave, so to speak? Lots of things I’m not keen on my species for, but I do like being the animal that invented indoor plumbing.


Uncle George?


Oh no. That’s one reason why I would want a hug too.


Don’t drink too much while you are out dancing:


Somehow it seems vaguely racist. Bears don’t live in the jungle (except for Baloo).

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