Possibly drunk or high bear tries to scratch back on tree trunk, misses repeatedly

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That’s me ten minutes into Happy Hour, for reals.


I can’t make fun of the bear because I have been that drunk before…


Dumber than the average bear.

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Someone needs put the final backscratch to music…

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I could swear I made sure to put the absinthe in my pic-a-nic basket, but I just can’t find it anywhere!


Mmmmm, absinthe. Perhaps it’s best I don’t become a modern-day Poe.

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I love you, tree!

Someone already did the lead up.

(This is my ‘song you’ve been playing all your life’; Its the first song I remember liking.)

It might just be because the film is recorded in pitch darkness and the bear can’t see the tree?

You underestimate the bear’s sense of smell, and overestimate its sense of sight.

Bears are very nearsighted. They mostly eat berries, nuts, roots, other vegetation and carrion and have no predators, so they never evolved good eyesight even in broad daylight.

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It never even occurred to you the bear might be dying of mercury poisoning? You don’t seem to care about this issue at all. I’ll bet you set out bear bait laced with mercury every day, you monster.

I’ve seen him perform that live seven times…great choice!!!

He dances better than me.

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