“Chasing bears through the woods drunk with a dull hatchet is strongly not advised"


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APPARENTLY, the bear was headed in the general direction of a Little League game, so our friend here felt compelled to PROTECT THE CHILDREN!

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no kidding. you gotta keep those hatchets sharp, that’s just common sense.


Putin does it Rambo style like and all hella crazy!


This is very sound advice. I will keep it under consideration.

But chasing bears through the woods SOBER with a dull hatchet is fine, of course!

North Adams -is- just west of a town named Florida, btw.


This is an example of why alcohol is sometimes called “Smart Juice”.

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How is this not here?

It popped into my head the other day, this was the first song I liked as a kid.

That’s when I saw the bear.

And let’s be honest, bears aren’t stupid. Even if attracted near a little league game by the tantalizing scent of hot dogs or the like, it’s not very likely to actually go near a screeching horde of spastic small animals unless it’s forced to. I’m guessing that the plan was to lumber about until everyone (or almost everyone depending on how desensitized it is to human contact), and then raid the trash cans.

Unless it was wearing a collar, tie, and relatively flat green hat, then it was probably scheming to steal a deeeelicious pic-i-nic basket.


It’s OK if the bears are also drunk. There’s safety in numb bears.


You win, I give up.

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You saw the news article. Now get the t-shirt!

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And here was me thinking there was a new type of bourbon called ‘Dull Hatchet’.

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