Camille Rose Garcia paints the dreamy dance of death


I really like the work, but I’m often surprised by how prevalent this ‘look’ is in pop-surrealism. the kind of ‘Hi-Fructose’ aesthetic. especially when you get into the portraits of forlorn big-eyed ennui-faced girls, a look spearheaded by Audrey Kawasaki.

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I’m pretty sure that Garcia was doing that style before Kawasaki… I seem to recall going to some shows at Merry Karnowsky’s gallery back in the late 90’s – Kawasaki would have still been in her teens.

I’ll take your word that’s the case, but the overall trend is still curious.

If you’re talking about pop art paintings of females with exaggeratedly oversized eyes, this is a style that goes back through the pre-history of pop surrealism. Do a Google search for Keane paintings.


I guess I should amend my statement ‘spearheaded by Audrey Kawasaki’ I was talking out of my ass a bit on that one. I did a search for Keane, as per your suggestion. I suppose it is a trademark of pop-surrealism, and has been for a while. Which makes it more interesting.

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