Can a castaway survive on fish, plankton, and seawater?

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Spoiler: The Tiger is a metaphor!


I don’t enjoy articles that ask an interesting question, and then tell me to go somewhere else to find the answer. I don’t have time to listen to a blog.

/grumpy old man


All you need to do is to google ‘Alain Bombard’, scan (no need to click) the first link to his Wiki page, specifically the snippet that shows the date of his death, and draw your own conclusions.


Oceanographers hate this one weird trick!


Well then you missed learning that he was the first to discover trans-Atlantic phytoplankton. Sheesh.

The list of things I’ve missed could fill a book. I’m pretty good at missing things. Years of experience.

Fair enough. But when I said, “trans-Atlantic phytoplankton”, what I really meant was, “non bio-luminescent Porifera Bob”.

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I didn’t need to be told that.

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