Can an AI beat an adventure game for 3-year-olds?

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Just because AI is bad at it’s job doesn’t mean that people won’t use it. I mean, Twitter is about as incompetent as can be and people still use it.


Anyone point one at Zork, Adventure, or Colossal Cave yet?

This is one of the problems with them.


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Yep, we already have the lawyer that had ChatGPT construct a legal brief where it hallucinated up some prior on point cases to cite, which exactly no one who knows anything about CharGPT will be surprised by. It is really good at inventing titles of academic papers that don’t exist and some plausible author lists. It doesn’t know anything about actual academic papers or real court cases except what the titles and author lists “look like” and it uses it’s one big trick “I can make stuff up that is statistically similar to stuff I was trained with!”. So it makes speech like text, fiction like text, authoritative like text, and so on as requested. “Looks like what people’s text on the internet look like”

…and if that isn’t good enough to actually do a job it probably looks like it is!

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I’m not afraid of AI becoming smart enough to replace me. I’m afraid of employers overestimating what AI can do and firing me because of it. If the work produced is of lower quality, they will strategize around that. Even if they rehire me, they’ll use the threat of AI to make me accept lower pay.

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Maybe you can retrain the AI to do an even worse job? I mean it won’t likely save your job or get your pay back, but when the company fires you (again) you can watch it burn to the ground and while it won’t keep you fed it can keep you warn for a while!

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Video link for the BBS

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