Can we talk in Spoileriffic Glory about Secret Empire?

I just want to get something off my chest whenever someone wants to play devil’s advocate about hydra providing for America after they won and the land was given to them and before it was undone and they were driven out.

I don’t care what illusion of security or prosperity existed. I don’t care if people could supposedly leave their doors unlocked and nolonger fear muggings or other petty crime. You would have police picking you out of a crowd and instnatly drag you away. Property confiscated. People falling in line either by being true diehard belivers in The Cause, or sipl out to save hteir own necks. Either way you had a convenient ‘other.’ Anyone conveniently able to be hauled away with no ability to protest or resist.

A hydra Run world was not this shining becon of progress and its ideology demanded an ‘other’ to opress. Otherwise when Hydra Cap had the cosmic cube he would have rewritten history so these ‘other’ elements would become just like them. So that the Mutant or Inhuman would be Human. Instead you have Xavier and Magneto hung as terrorists, depictions of crusades of purging and clensing… so no… Hydra prosperity is no answer. It’s simply bigotry with a higher budget.

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