Zeroes: it sucks to be a teen, even with powers


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Talk about an over-used superhero trope. There must have been hundreds of comic books and at least a dozen movies written around that premise in recent years.


That’s a strong claim. Can you name four of those dozen movies? I don’t read comics, so I can’t speak to that one, but it’s new to me.


Dozen movies about what?



Dozen movies about a superhero like Anon… isn’t that what you said?


Who? I’m sure I would have remembered something like that.


@Brainspore @bobbymartin2


Is Crash actually electrosensitive? Or does she just believe herself to be so?


Troll level: expert.




ETA - Saw you setting that up and wasn’t disappointed. Beautiful.


There’s Flickr, Tumblr, Tindr, and Grindr. And their wacky sidekick Boing-Boing.


Look like you’re immune to his power!


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