For that college student who wants to ban non-Batman comics: we've got your Batman comics right here

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What gives her the moral authority to decide for everyone else what they should or should not be exposed to? She sounds like one of those overly sheltered snowflakes that thinks her world view is somehow the dominant one that must be respected at all costs. This is why I hated High School. It seemed to generate this sort of tool on a regular basis. And not all of them where fundie kids. Most were just self-centered middle class kids who had never been exposed to anything that challenged their belief systems.


Does she not know that Batman is gay?


(Emphasis mine.)

At most…what at least would satisfy her make her happy she consider sufficient?

Perhaps an education in proper use of English would be a good start.

Edit to add: I see from the article that she said, “At least get a warning on the books.” But she goes on to say, “I don’t want anyone else to have to read this garbage.”

Forgive me for thinking the implication there is that she doesn’t want anyone else to be able to read the books in question. As for the idea that there should be “warnings” that could apply to everything from Gilgamesh to Garden of Lies. If you never want to be challenged by anything you read the only solution is to never open a book again.


That is exactly the kind of Batman comic she hoped to read in a college class - a juvenile comic free from adult content that includes explicit violence, references to sexuality, (other) religions, etc. Ironically, DC hasn’t been producing such comics since before the student was born, so…


To be fair reading an older Batman comic would be comparable to reading Dickens of Shakespeare–not in terms of quality, but in the sense of an older, established work. This just highlights a problem with her defense: she didn’t read the syllabus. She also, from what I’ve read, could have withdrawn earlier, and chose not to file a complaint until after she’d completed the class.

I would say that reminds me of a line from Porky’s III, “I watched every disgusting minute of the film…twice”, but then I’d be guilty of admitting I’d seen Porky’s III. Twice.


But she seemed to be using “Batman comic” in the sense of “free from adult content” rather than “for a historical perspective on comics.” She just seems completely unaware of who Batman comics are written for these days and what they actually contain…
And she wasn’t just unhappy with the syllabus, but that these comics were being sold at the student bookstore, even.
In a nutshell, her protest was: “College student objects to being treated as a grown-up.”


That “boner” issue is a classic.

See, I would have gone with The Dark Knight and The Killing Joke.


Not even once.

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Just in case she wants to expand her studies:


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