College student wants graphic novels banned "I expected Batman and Robin, not pornography"

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I hope she doesn’t read the Bible cover to cover. There’s some pretty nasty stuff in there.

And I’m not even going to mention One Thousand and One Nights.

In fact, just burn down any faculty where people use words. And pictures. And sculptures.


I don’t have energy to waste on these scum-sucking idiots anymore.


The only thing offensive about Y: The last man was the absurd premise for almost every male dying at the same time.


Jeeze, and these are pretty tame in the wider context of ‘graphic novels’. Altho, Persepolis is probably the book that changed me into a dirty liberal when I read it as a child.


Not only did she expect Batman & Robin, she expected to get college credits for Batman & Robin.

“there are under-aged kids here at this campus”

You act like this is somehow ridiculous, but I saw Doogie Howser. Will no one think of the preternaturally gifted fictitious children?


Wait, they’re upset about a few non-erotic cartoon drawings of nude people in a course intended for ADULTS? By the time I was 20 I’d taken a number of art classes that had live nude models.





I’ve read most of these, and am scratching my head as to which are “pornographic”. I know book-banners like to toss that word around like it somehow justifies their opinions, but doesn’t it have to at least kinda sorta apply? Just depicting people naked can’t count, because as already pointed out, the bible does that.

As for the underage argument: I skipped a grade in elementary school, and so went to university a year early. I would have been mortified, and felt cheated, if anyone had suggested I couldn’t handle the material because of my age. At some point it’s about maturity, not physical age. Those complaining about the material may want to consider that.

But I know they won’t. What the hell kind of college student has Daddy help them protest, anyhow?


Another bunch of ignorant, (look it up) self important Americans with an inflated sense of entitlement. Nothing to see here, move along.


Translation: “I expected a blow off course and instead the assigned readings challenged me too much and the prospect of withholding my opposition until I fully considered the material made me uncomfortable. Instead of writing my thoughts about this in an essay and/or course evaluation, I felt a good censorious moral panic was in order.”


So, by that definition, all churches, synagogs, temples and mosques. I’m good with that!

(Libraries, schools and cemeteries…)

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Perhaps she should return to college when she’s 50?

Or will the material present a stroke risk for her then?


Yes, because the subset of adults who go to college really need to be babied more than they are. Fuck her.

Also, Persepolis is pornographic? Talk about students who don’t do their assigned reading.


What the hell kind of college student has Daddy help them protest, anyhow?

Since mom and dad were probably the source of her moral outrage programming, I’m guessing it made sense to involve the parentals. Dog forbid she start thinking for herself in college.


Oh, great! According to the Crafton Hills’ Humanities website, she has appropriate aspirations:
“I hope to practice law and perhaps become a Congresswoman further down the line.” – Tara J. Shultz, English 2014


OK, so I’m 45 and attending college right now. (Long story.) I’ve been working in the IT department at my college and for the first two years I was on the help desk. I’m actually appalled at the number of student who have their parents call us when they can’t get their accounts working, etc., especially with how this often accompanies the implication that the parents are the ones doing all these things that the student should be doing. (Thank the ghods for FERPA regulations.)

Yeah, I know it’s great if your parents can help you out, even at that age, but I just can’t wrap my brain around not doing everything you can to be independent. (Then again, I was on my own at 16 and still completed high school. Not sure how many of my fellow students at the time would have done this, given the same “opportunity.”) This woman is 20. She’s an adult, and if this material is too “violent and pornographic” for her, then perhaps college just isn’t for her.


College is like that - you enroll in that geography class expecting to see tons of travel photos and instead you’re studying friggin tectonic plates. Cheesy manicotti turns out to be cheesy anaconda. That nice roommate turns out to be a tool, etc. etc. etc. It’s like a microcosm of life, amirite?