Can you guys get your ad shit together

You guys got those obnoxious bars covering images, often time full panels of the comics. And now for the last few days the blog view has been spawning malicious redirects on mobile. I don’t have much of an issue with ads generally but there have been days where the store posts outnumber actual posts and the ads are getting more intrusive by the day. Now there’s genuinely malicious ads as a regular thing.

Android using chrome if that’s pertinent.

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There is one store post per day.

These ads are not approved by us and we actively work to remove them when possible. I have forwarded this screenshot to our ad folks, however you can provide much more information via



I just wanna chime in a bit. While I use as block on the PC I don’t on my phone and so far I have yet to see anything other than bog standard banner type ads on the main site from the phone. And I do hit the actual site often.


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