Can you solve the Six-Box Puzzle?

ah, shit, I thought I had it …

Start with a straight vertical line from 3 to 3. This can’t be correct as it leaves no way of connecting 1-1 or 2-2. So try going from 3 to 3 up the left-hand space. This can’t be right as it totally isolated the 1. Similarly with the right-hand channel preventing a 2-2 line. The next possible 3-3 path necessarily requires a zig zag zig … and once drawn, the solution is obvious.

I always enjoyed when our DM incorporated things like this and that sounds perfect. One thing that he used to do was allow us to puzzle these out as players first but resort to INT roles if we weren’t able to solve it. Then our characters got a shot at it but for a somewhat reduced reward. It ensured we made our own efforts but also encouraged the role playing reality that our mage character was probably smarter than us.

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You get similar sorts of puzzles in The Talos Principal

Along with a bunch of philosophy.

I Kobayashi Marued it.

What do you think of my solution?


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