Can you solve these Rube Goldberg Machine puzzles?

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I got four (but I paused for extra time).

The appliance one fooled me, and made me smile.

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I got all except the gift unwrapping one, but I did pause to figure them out


Me too. My natural inclination against spilling the fruit in the food processor caused me to overlook its precarious position. Foiled again by my empathy for small kitchen appliances.


I missed the appliance one too, because I didn’t realize the food processor was supposed to get knocked over. I was thinking of it getting turned on/not turned on, and never considered treating it another way. That was clever.


Yes, the appliances one. I punted after seeing everything go toward the food processor. I couldn’t process what would happen next.

I sort of got them all, but I had to pause and zoom in to figure them out. for the gift one, I knew which lock would get knocked over but the two ribbons were too intertwined for me to follow which red ribbon went to which gift.
I liked the last one, that was challenging figuring out how the balls would roll off the incline.

I didn’t get any of them, I fast forwarded to get my gratification.

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