Canada increases biometric monitoring of foreign nationals

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I’m not quite sure how you would exchange biometric data with your five eyes pals in a manner that is consistent with all those lofty ideals.

Snark aside, though, this immediately brought to mind an interesting piece I ran into a little while back; about how Canadian immigration policy, while comparatively accepting on a numbers/year basis, and in terms of limited nativist backlash, is fairly carefully operated so as to discourage irregular entry; this piece advancing the thesis that this might be an important element to its relative success in terms of public acceptance of a fairly high level of immigration; but that maintaining it involves a combination of handy natural barriers and bring surprisingly picky about things like visa requirements.

This sort of monitoring move would seem to be in line with this notion.


Oh, that bit is easy. All those sorts of laws and rights pretty much universally have an exemption for “national security”.

“Some might call it invasive, but we think it shows we care.”


US citizens are denied entry to Canada if they have been convicted of DUI or other criminal offences (marijuana possession.)

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