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Aw yiss… The bud’s sweet embrace shall help dull some of the ache in my heart. ;-;


This could be interesting, it’s essentially a test case vis-à-vis international law.

I am in favour, but it is up in the air what will happen both on the world stage and with a Trumpian/Sessionsy America. I guess we’ll find out.


I thought it was practically legal already? I heard on the radio in Toronto once an ad for Hydroponics supplies for all those people who, “Grow their own vegetables at home” (man chortling in the background).


Not recreational, though some provinces have very widespread medical marijuana prescriptions, to the point where artisinal handblown glassware is a booming business.


Actually legal is a vast improvement over basically-kind-of-legal for a variety of reasons:

  • The end of selective enforcement.
  • a severe curtailing of the black market
  • kids won’t end up with a criminal record for possession


Those two reasons alone would bring me to support it.

My major concern is the driving issue: how are we determining the legal limit and how are we testing for it? Last I heard, they are leaving it up to the individual officers as “the experts”. This terrifies the fuck out of me (for reasons quite obvious around here. Especially insofar as it will negate your point one up there).


Yeah, I don’t drive, basically ever, so it doesn’t impact me directly, but it’s not a good plan if we start writing laws premised on the assumption that police will suddenly acquire superpowers to correctly determine who is baked


Well done northern brothers and sisters. :clap: :clap: :clap:


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