No, you can't buy legal weed in Canada and bring it back to the 'States

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This isn’t the dumbest thing I’ve heard of the US doing lately, but it’s up there.


I like rye whiskey. Like drinking turpentine.


Get back in your fucking sarcophagus, Sessions. We don’t want what you’re selling.


I broke my wrist a few years ago and I’ve been left with chronic pain in it. I’ve had several surgeries, do exercises daily, and see a physical therapist a couple times a month in order to deal with pain and range of motion issues.

On a recent trip to California I tried a bunch of different marijuana based products and disovered a CBD-based balm that gives me incredible relief. Unfortunately, I live in Texas and so possessing this particular product makes me a criminal.

My doctor is more than willing to write me prescriptions for opiods because that’s really the only thing he can do. It seems nuts that a balm which isn’t psychoactive at all is banned and pills that are terribly addictive is the legal solution.

Fortunately I have the means to travel and so when I run out in a couple of months, I might make a day trip to CO or CA and restock. There’s alway the risk of being caught at the airport with this stuff but I doubt there would be any repercussions beyond losing the creams. If I had to take a chance bringing it over Canadian the border, I would. I’m a dual-citizen, so I couldn’t be banned I don’t think.


It’s been this way for ages. And Canada is quick to drop the ban-hammer on US citizens who have had a DUI charge at any time in their life.

I also won’t be surprised if it remains illegal for individuals to carry weed from border states into Canada. The pending legalization is going to come with a bunch of rules and regulations, some are bound to be insane.


That’s not stopping people from enhancing their Canadian vacations, is it?


Minor correction @SeamusBellamy, Michigan voters will have a chance to legalize recreation weed in November. It’s a ballot initiative. While I hope sanity rules the day on November 6, I’m not holding my breath. We may have to wait until 2020 to get this done. I suspect a lot of voters will want to see if legal weed in Canada will cause problems for our state first. Kinda the same way we finally managed to pass legal medical MJ.


No, you can’t buy legal weed in Canada and bring it back to the ‘States

Hell, I carry legal weed into Mexico sometimes (sshhhh!), but it’s still illegal there. Anyway, I’m starting two medical studies in a week, and MJ is not allowed, so…moot point for me.

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You can’t even buy weed in Washington and drive over the I-5 bridge into Oregon with it.


Realistically, since weed is legal in both states the smell alone is not probable cause, so if you have it in a locked container I’m not sure how they’d find it to begin with…

Why doesn’t Elon Musk fix this problem.

Interstate drone delivery or some such.


He’d have to launch the stuff into space first. I think that might be the only way to get away with crossing, but not crossing State lines.

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Then it’s a job for the boring company- go down and transport via the Mole Man sovereign territory.



Or you know, getting rid of the federal prohibition. That would be nice. That would be a sane and rational thing to do.


Sure - but I’m looking for a practical solution.

Like self driving pneumatic tubes.


I’m sure he’s already well on his way to coming up with a fantastical, amazing and completely impractical plan to solve this problem, at which point he will announce that having set out the idea in broad strokes, he’s leaving all the pesky details to other people to work out.

When I head to the States, I wipe my Android travel phone, invent a new Google ID , at most add some pins to Google Maps … have no other apps like Twitter or Facebook. If my personal daily phone were ever examined, I would be in deep shit…

I cross that border, Yessir, follow your laws always, no sir, never done drugs, I am a saint… phhfffttt…

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Transporters - that’s the ticket!

McCoy be damned - transporters!

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I’ve been wondering… how many states (and other countries) have to legalize it before the feds finally cave and end national prohibition? Are the DEA et al going to cling to this so stubbornly that you’ll wind up with a country where it’s simultaneously legal and illegal everywhere?