Trump threatens to permanently bar Canadian legal weed investors from entering the USA


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What if you’re a US citizen who invested in a canadian weed operation?


Yeah, there’s no way this is gonna backfire…


Maybe Canadians should stay away from the US until this gets sorted out.


I wonder how that’ll work with mutual funds or ETFs. I’m sure I’ll have SOMEthing in marijuana stocks in a year, even if it’s just some corner of one of my managed funds.

Oh well, I guess it’s more Japan vacation trips for me. oh noooooo


Misleading headline, of course. Trump, personally, hasn’t tweeted anything about it yet.

Eventually he will, because Canada seems to have become his Orlav.




Yes, I know. Hedgehog, not squirrel. But I had to. You know how it is.


According to a similar story on the Star’s site they will be targeting people actively involved as investors, not your average mutual fund owner. With the caveat that nobody knows for sure.

To me this has Jefferson Beauregard Sessions written all over it, more than Trump. And this kind of nonsense will probably continue until the US federal government finally throws in the towel on this moronic prohibition. So, give it another 30-40 years I guess.


They’ll keep it up until people go back to time honored practice of jury nullification like we did with alcohol prohibition.


What about California, Colorado, Washington and all the states where people are investing in legal marijuana business?


Oh yes, my PCs are Spiny Norman and Dinsdale.


Sadly our prime minister is too spineless to retaliate by banning Trump supporters from entering Canada.


Any word yet from… ?


Look, when Canada sends people, they’re not sending their best. They’re soybean farmers, dairymen, legal weed investors… and some of them, I assume, are good people.


This is gonna get worse than Super Troopers 2, eh?


This is where GOP establishment puritanism (represented by Sessions) meets Il Douche’s brain-dead xenophobia.


It’s hard to see how they could target folks that owned financial products (mutual funds and the like) with ties to pot… hard to see how they could even target shareholders of pot companies with any kind of efficiency. It’s not as if border agents have ready access to one’s investment portfolio (or could understand it if they did)

It is not hard to see how this just gives border agents another reason to keep individuals out whom they do not want to let in. Can anyone say “Selective enforcement?”


I think it was in the article I linked, but I could have seen it elsewhere… Canadian investors in cannabis-related businesses in those states will also be banned from entering the US.

On the other hand, US citizens who invest in Canadian cannabis won’t have a similar issue because the US can’t refuse entry to its own citizens. However, that doesn’t mean those people won’t have legal trouble at the federal level (as I’m sure they well know).


I’m sure it’ll mostly be based on the answers to questions asked by border agents. And if they suspect you’re lying, they’ll demand your phone and search it for evidence. Email confirmations of stock trades could be one avenue for discovery.

On this I agree, though it’s not like they need more excuses to deny entry to any given non-citizen. I guess they figure more is better.


So if you are a Canadian citizen who is barred from entering, what jury do you get to face?