Two people got lifetime bans for bringing CBD oil into the US

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I was just reading something about CBD oil in a British magazine, where they talked about how any THC at all was forbidden in a product there, making CBD a non-starter, unlike the US, which had an allowable limit (even if a small fraction of a percent). So having trace amounts of THC wouldn’t explain why it was treated as an illegal substance…

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I can literally buy CBD stuff in my grocery store here in Washington. I don’t even have to go to the weed store for it. This makes no sense.


The drug laws in the USA are so convoluted as a result of decades of political wrangling, that it seems foolish to assume that carrying any amount of anything related to illegal drugs across the border would be a good idea.

And as the article pointed out, it’s also unnecessary, as one can purchase the same product locally, and not have to deal with the crazy border laws.


Meanwhile Former House Speaker John Boehner reportedly made millions (an article estimated $20 million) when the marijuana investment firm whose board he joined last year was sold to a Canadian company.


It seems even more foolish to give someone a lifetime ban from the country for doing so.


So if I put a label on my forehead saying THC free…


Right, but… just look at what we are doing at the borders. If I weren’t already in this country I would hope I had no reason to come into this country. We are entering a time that may one day be looked back on as “tumultuous.”

As for it being “foolish,” at least they got to go home. Not stashed indefinitely in a detention center for CBD oil smugglers.


The post and article are both very misleading. Cannabis is legal in Washington state, but under controlled conditions. It is not legal for anyone to import cannabis products into the state – their products are not legal to possess in WA state under WA state law.

While you can have different opinions on if that law makes sense, or whatever, but it’s wrong to suggest that possession was legal.

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These people are idiots. It has been well advertised here in Canada that you should, under no circumstances, bring any cannabis products into the US at any border. There are signs everywhere, at every border crossing and every airport. These people are lucky to have gotten away so lightly, everyone knows now that you truly risk you liberty and future if you screw around at the US border.

Not saying it’s right, just that we have a very unstable neighbour and that we have to be very careful.


I wouldn’t go so far as to call Canada “unstable” just because you can’t take cannabis or cannabis products there. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But you make a good point about them being idiots. Lots of harmless stuff is restricted. You can’t take raw fruits or vegetables across most borders (though for a different reason). And sometimes not even between US states. No matter where you travel, it’s wise to know what’s allowed.


All I’m saying is that whatever your beliefs about which laws are silly, the people charged with enforcing them have a wildly different opinion, and they have guns. Why would anyone subject them self to an ordeal by giving the authorities an opportunity?


Borders and US entry points are controlled by the Feds. Even though many states have “legalized” marijuana and derivatives, the US still maintains prohibitions. So any US authority, including Borders and Customs and the TSA, are obligated to enforce Federal law, no matter what local law is.

So yeah, crossing the border from Canada into the US with pot or CBD shit is stupid.


Yet another reason I will not be entering the US anytime soon.

I had a friend who bought a $300 beat up used car for his drive back to Quebec to go to school. He decided to do a portion of the trip in the US. At the border a dog found an empty bag that had once contained marijuana deep in one of the windshield vents. Boom, jail, $5000 fine and never allowed back into the US. For an actor that is not a good thing. He had owned the car for two days at that point.


I don’t think that’s true as a number of high-street shops in my seaside town are advertising their CBD concoctions quite unabashedly.

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That dude was seriously unlucky. When mom and dad got divorced, we moved to a part of the southwest that has border checkpoints along he highways. We drove an old car back and forth through these checkpoints dozens of times. Usually a visual inspection, but sometimes a dog. Half dozen times a year for maybe a decade. Then one day, mom is cleaning the car and checks the ashtray. It was stuffed with dad’s decade old roaches.


Canada should give lifetime bans for any American trying to bring a firearm into Canada and destroy these firearms as well… This would get their attention quickly!


Well, they’re not allowed to have any THC, which means the “CBD” products often have no CBD either.

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