On 4/20 day, Canada vows to legalize weed within one year

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Wonderful news, Xeni. Thank you for posting.


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That’s dope!


or whatever the cool kids are saying these days


Mexico has decriminalized it too. The US States which are still locking people up for weed are starting to look like the unwanted ingredients in an otherwise nicely toasted sandwich.


This may be semantics, but as the quote states, the legislation will be to legalize marijuana, not just to decriminalize it.

The Liberals have argued that decriminalization is a bad idea, since it keeps the black market in place. That leaves things in an interesting limbo for the next year, though, since everyone knows the laws are going to change, but in the meantime thousands of Canadians will still face criminal charges for weed-related crimes for at least another year.


Yeah. Like a pickled pig’s foot on a Ruben.


For me, this does a lot to restore their “saner neighbor to the north” status. So does dumping Harper.

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Moving Norther?

Hmm. North and South…

I smell a reference, a referendum, an emancipation soon…

Man I love you Canada! Also thanks for hosting my wife when she was born and stuff, your socialized medicine is good stuff (cough! cough! wheeze… whoa)

I sense Canadian tourism will jump to an all-time, erm, high.


Not just Pot, but Phil, too, as in Greek philos, or “friend,” like our English suffix -phile, i.e., she likes the stuff, tee hee.


Up here, 20/4 is just another day.


In practice the police have pretty much stopped charging people with possession or other minor marijuana related things, though they haven’t hesitated to throw it in when someone has done something else as well.

I imagine they will still go after the dealers etc. as they have been thus far. Though they also tend to leave the low level pot sellers alone as a rule, at least here in BC. I once knew a ‘dealer’ who spent years as the commonly known seller of pot from the same location in a small town. It would have been impossible for the police not to know of his activity, for years. And nothing happened until 1 day after he decided to sell something more illicit.

I’m sure you’re right to an extent, but I think you’d find that your mileage may vary. The last numbers I could find were from 2014, when the rate was 79 charges per 100,000 Canadians. Even if the rate has dropped significantly since then (which I suspect is not the case, since I think the attitude you’re talking about already existed in certain jurisdictions in 2014, and since it’s the opposite of what police departments are saying publicly, at least), we’re still talking about thousands of charges between now and next Spring.

Wasn’t 4/19 Bicycle Day? Let’s legalize LSD by 4/20/17!


Smoking weed on 4/20??!! What a horribly disrespectful way to observe Hitler’s birthday!

Oh. . . maybe that’s a good thing.

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It’s selectively enforced some places in the same way it is in some places in the States. If you’re a white person walking down Bloor West openly toking, you can feel pretty cool and free doing so.

If you’re not, and walking down just about any street in TO openly toking, you’re asking to enter the system. God forbid you be anywhere carding policies are employed. (Canadian Stop and Frisk)

That’s urban, where I am now a proper white landowner/person of means can grow some plants or whatever and expect to never be bothered. Not just because police would expect them to be able to whip out a MM license. But if you’re a poor rural bumpkin you can’t expect the same courtesy at all.

Liberals are straight wrong to not decriminalize, and what backward ass reasoning too, that the black market would remain? It will remain if they don’t decriminalize, will remain as profitable as ever, yet all the while the social ills brought on by prohibition remain too where decriminalizing would alleviate many.

Hopefully? Neither Philpott nor Blair actually said that. And having too much experience with Liberal governments and their keen timelines regarding the delivery of promises as they relate to the next election cycle I am discouraged.

The science is in, the delay to spring 2017 is pointless, unless one considers the possibility of the time 3 readings + Senate + publication etc could take. There is a good chance the law won’t or can’t come into force before election time. The strong, erroneous position the Liberals have taken, that decriminalization is unacceptable, could mean it remains illegal unless the Liberals are re-elected.3 and a half years from now.

I know, I know, probably will be re-elected even if no promises met. But pot people better pour the pressure on from now until you can buy it at the liquor store…

remember that time Chretien decriminalized pot in 2003… yeah, no one else does either, and gosh he just swore he would after delegates at their convention in 2000 passed a resolution supporting it (At the same convention where this “Liberal” party voted en masse against legalizing gay marriage). He introduced the bill, 3 years later… on the cusp of an election, aw, too bad. bad timing eh? The party was re-elected, but to a minority government instead of the majority that somehow didn’t decriminalize with nothing to stop them. So try again? Aw, can’t, minority yo, it’d never fly!

Yeah. Don’t count your grams until they’re trimmed, dried and ready with this bunch.