No, you can't buy legal weed in Canada and bring it back to the 'States

Of course they will. Congress or the President must act to re-schedule the plant.

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A “series of tubes”, you say…


They have great finger strength. Simply the best.

I’m too lazy to look up things like statistics, and have no actual knowledge on the machinations of this section of the government beyond what I read, but if pot were to be federally legalized, wouldn’t that cut into the number of people that had to go to prison, thereby easing the prison overcrowding situation and reducing the number of new prisons that need to be built and staffed, thus leading to a negative impact on the job market?

Why do you hate America?



If I understand Texas law correctly, based on the law for pot brownies, I would expect them to charge you as if the entire weight of the cream were pure hash oil.

Things like this are a feature, not a bug, for Prohibitionists. For them, it’s not about making anything materially better for anyone, it’s all about controlling what other people do with their bodies.

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What they charge you with and what they are willing to prosecute are two different things. Based on what my kids have told me about other kids that have been caught with pot, if you aren’t selling, the charges get dropped.

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Or the Culture’s displacers with Minds supervising the process, backups and … Aww forget it, I’ll just gland something.

why not both? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (not for you specifically, just hanging my hat on both pegs and happy about it.)

I’m cautiously optimistic about the initiative, but don’t jinx us Seamus!

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