Canada: Trump shows us what happens when "good" politicians demand surveillance powers

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We know that Republicans love the surveillance state, well… just because.

And we know that Democrats are just fine with the surveillance state when it’s their guy doing the surveillance.

So the only chance to roll it back is to have Republican presidents and Democratic congresses for a good long time.


So Obama is a good guy??

Cory , You are as naive as they get…

He just innocently happens to do all he can to enable mass surveillance, but hes doing it with all his love and concern for everyone? You think that because of the color of his skin he must be one of the good guys? This is racist

timed with the 150th anniversary of the founding of the settler state on indigenous lands

You’re so woke Cory, I hope one day to be as woke as you

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It’s more than a little bewildering to see our former president showered with so much effusive praise for turning in sub-dismal performances on civil liberties, privacy, deportations, drug arrests, free speech, unauthorized wars, whistleblower prosecutions, etc. I guess what really matters is that he meant well.

Funny about good intentions and all. I know the article is meant as a condemnation of the disaster that is Trump, but it’s just as easily a condemnation of all the people who were so eager to cheerlead acts by the former administration, strictly on the basis of charm or party affiliation.

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