Canada's former defense minister: aliens will give us tech if we quit wars


Mushroom clouds could attract all sort of intergalactic a-hole.


We finally get to choose The Good Package or The Big Gun!


hey, Emo Philips makes for a great bad guy:


No, no, no. As someone who just watched all the Star Trek movies, I can tell you that the aliens will not contact us until we figure out how to reach Warp 1. BAM! FACTS!


Reading the recap, I can’t help but hear “cosmos” as “coz-moss” a la Doctor Chaotica.

Also, “it was definitely a UFO…” well, yes… if it was flying, and you couldn’t identify it, then to you, it was a UFO.


World War III ?? Friend, we’re ALREADY into World War IV.

And I wouldn’t hold my breath on no further use of nukes in war. I’m looking at Iran, and Israel, and NOT seeing it ending well.

It may be doom-mongering. . . .but lacking any other examples, it’s as good an explanation as any.

I also note you TOTALLY ignored the possibility that we’re an Elder Race. Of course, looking at the world, and learning that we MAY be an Elder Race, is scary as hell. . .


Or their sun burned out and we have the best hospitable planet available?

Asimov taught me that sustainability only goes so far. Nothing lasts for ever :slight_smile:

“Oh, hell, just about forever. Till the sun runs down, Bert.”
“That’s not forever.”
“All right, then. Billions and billions of years. Ten billion, maybe. Are you satisfied?”
Lupov put his fingers through his thinning hair as though to reassure himself that some was still left and sipped gently at his own drink.
“Ten billion years isn’t forever.”
“Well, it will last our time, won’t it?”
“So would the coal and uranium.”

The only long-term strategy that works for our (or any) species is to expand beyond our own solar system (and eventually, universe)


Because they take their orders from Dick Cheney ??? (evil grin)


“The Star of Bethlehem, he added, was one of God’s flying saucers.”

What does God need with a starship?


We can barely detect other planets from space, at all. We have no clue what tiny events occur on those planets. Yes, an atomic blast is tiny compared to the size of a planet.

Why is it reasonable to assume that critters living on a planet orbiting another star can see a tiny atomic event on our planet?


It sounds seriously worth a try to me. Best case scenario: we quit wars and aliens give us tech. Worst case scenario: we quit wars and aliens don’t give us tech. By the time we advance beyond war-mongering, we may not even want tech that much anyway. “Eh, thanks all the same guys, but since the military-industrial complex stopped humming, we’re actually moving into a back to basics, screwing and meditation phase. We’re alright for tech for the next couple of centuries…unless you happen to have the next generation lava lamp or something.” Aliens: “Dammit, they told us everybody would be an easy lay for advanced tech. BUT NOBODY WANTS TECH BY THE TIME THEY BECOME ADVANCED ENOUGH TO INTERACT WITH US. WE’RE THE GEEKS OF THE UNIVERSE - ALL WE HAVE TO OFFER IS TECH AND OUR SPINDLY BODIES!”

Why are aliens always bald and colorless.
Depends on who you ask. Most scientists nowadays agree that aliens most likely had brilliantly colored feathers; we've actually been able to identify some of the patterns based on fossil records. In this light it's pretty funny that fundamentalists (the ones who insist that aliens and humans actually coexisted) always portray aliens as bald greys.


At least they’d probably want to rescue the biosphere from us somehow…


Please cease this semi-informed chatter.
Were everyone to know that there are but 35 of the 39 steps to admission to the galactic community, well, just imagine the consequences - I know I’m filled with trepidation and angst in approximately equal amounts.


I was thinking that rather, if we quit spending trillions on wars and redirected it where it belongs, we’d be able to make our OWN advanced tech, as well as an educated populace that produces more scientists and critical thinkers. But then the richest people in the world might have a slightly smaller dollar figure (which still would amount to “more than a human could ever possibly spend”, however), and avoiding that is far more important than curing diseases, renewable energy, widely available birth control, or finally inventing the holodeck.


You mean not just fight for a thing, but actually do a thing as well? That’s crazy talk. Next you’ll be telling me that all that freedom fighting we do actually reduces our freedoms. That would be silly.


can anyone remember the name of the SciFi series in which the humans are the only race to have joined the galactic community after creating the atomic bomb? There’s definitely a series of books written in the 70’s/80’s with the premise that intelligent civilisations either develop nukes or develop interstellar travel - any race that gets the nukes before the ability to leave the planet self-destructs - in the story, humans are the exception - and are therefore regarded with deep suspicion by the rest of the galaxy… It sounds like the Canadian dude half-remembers that fiction too…


Maybe the trigger was something concurrent with the atomic bomb, but much more powerful… the development and mass production of basic programmable computers, radio, flight, DNA analysis, etc.

Unfortunately, I tend to view the phenomenon the same as ghosts… if there were the kind of UFO events described in Project Blue Book, we’d have definitive photographic proof very quickly in an age of all-sky meteor cams and ubiquitous security cameras. Its telling that the people from whom you don’t get UFO reports are the very people best situated to see them - astronomers, especially backyard astronomers.

Though perhaps they are sneaky… or good at destroying evidence.


I’m wondering if you’re thinking about the movie The 27th Day perhaps?


The astromers have already been infiltrated.