Canada's former defense minister: aliens will give us tech if we quit wars


It’s funny that the Atomic bomb is such a pivotal part of provoking alien contact (according to many a crazy person). Like, they wouldn’t care about genocide spanning the ages, chemical weapons, torture, burning witches, destroying the planet… no. Atomic bombs. Even though we’ve learnt to understand their impact (historical and potential), apparently these super intelligent aliens haven’t. Atomic bombs are something that introduced fear into the hearts of a very specific generation… coincidentally the same generation that promote these conspiracy theories.

Reminds me of a lot of theism, it always seems to be limited by the understanding of those that preach it. Funny, that.


Yeah. . . but he’s still less crazy than the average Tea Partier. I’d vote for this guy over Michelle Bachmann or Ted Cruz.


Well, unlike most of those other weapons, you can see an Atomic Bomb detonation from space. Although an alien race trying to discern our actions from the nuclear bomb explosions might be confused as to why we seem to hate the American Southwest so much back in the 50s and 60s.

This is a hopeful message. That Aliens are out there, but they don’t want anything to do with us until we settle down and stop fighting ourselves. It’s the kind of message you get from someone who really really wants to see alien life in their lifetime and are holding out hope that it’s just our bad behavior keeping them away, not that interstellar travel is effectively impossible and we’ll never see them.


It doesn’t change the fact that the guy is totally off his rocker; but, from the perspective of a substantially distanced alien species, human exploitation of atomic energy is actually a reasonable trigger condition: If you aren’t much of a humanitarian (and so aren’t moved by low-tech suffering which can be induced by virtually any means); but are more interested in overall tech level, the move from chemical energy-based blowing shit up to nuclear energy-based blowing shit up is one of the more radical shifts in a species’ history.

We don’t actually use nukes that often, so cheap assault rifles and commodity high explosives have killed far more people; but the development of thermonuclear weapons marked the turning point between ‘we can make some very questionable choices’ and ‘Y’know, we could actually annihilate most of the biological film on the crust of this planet…’

(Now, why advanced aliens who probably spend their time playing ping-pong with unshielded singularities care is another question entirely.)


If you were watching earth from space, the industrial revolution would probably be your tip-off that something big was going down. Massive proliferation of ground-based electromagnetic sources combined with a shift in atmospheric composition in the direction of carbon and sulfur compounds…


For all we know Atomic Energy is Step 4 on the 67 step ladder to being a modern intergalactic species. There could be vast fields of science that we don’t even know we lack yet.


Don’t trust benevolent aliens: IT’S A COOKBOOK!


That’s one theory. And then there are the other theories. Like the one that posits that once a civilization invents atomic explosives, it is doomed to fall. And then, the more interesting one: WE are one of the Elder Races. . . question is, will be get off-planet or not ???


wait… i’ve seen this episode…

If anything we should be building more nukes!


That’s a doom mongering point of view. We’ve had Atomic Weapons for almost 70 years now and have only ever dropped them twice in anger, both times shortly after they were invented.

Ironically, they have turned into weapons of peace, by making the price of war so terrible that it can not be fought directly with a nuclear armed state. At this rate we’ll never see WWIII.


Oh please. Everybody knows that the aliens are staying away because of all of the gay sex. Even alien races with 3 or more distinct genders know that it’s wrong. “Marriage is between one vloom, one zarg, and one czyg, not any of the permutations that involve two or more of a vloom, zarg, and czyg,” they often say.


//cc @jandrese

But surely it’s all relative? If you’re a super-intelligent alien species that has the power to travel across galaxies, why would you be any more impressed by the discovery of nuclear fission than you would by the internal combustion engine? Or fire? Or using rocks as tools? (from what I understand the entire planet doesn’t even have enough nukes to destroy everything, let alone one side of the fight).

Frankly I hope that alien life DOESN’T find us. I know too much about human history to know that if they’re anything like us it won’t end well.

Either way the guy is delusional to the point where I hope his family is getting him help. There is too much conviction in his words for him not to be completely crackers.


…so, what you’re saying is that to help protect our planet from alien invasion we all need to start having more gay sex?


kinda hard to take a warmongering alien seriously when he inflects his voice like Emo Phillips

but back to the broader topic:

"The whole cosmos is a unity, and it affects not just us but other people in the cosmos, they’ve very much afraid that we might be stupid enough to start using atomic weapons again.

“Again”!? if they’re so worried about nukes, and they’ve been visiting us for thousands of years, where the hell were these aliens when we used 'em the first time?


Like how the presence of Dr Manhattan prevented the Russians from attacking? Until he left, anyway…

(That may not be actual history, I forget)


I for one welcome our Mitt Romney Alien overlords.

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Why are aliens always bald and colorless.

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But given the near-impossibility of interstellar travel, you’d think it’d take quite a long time and a very big investment to develop, right?

So any civilisation capable of pulling that off would’ve first had to figure out how to be sustainable, precluding much of the arseholery you allude to.

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Perversion! Parthenogenesis or GTFO!

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