Canadian border authorities hold citizen without charge for eight months

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Not thinking big enough. Here in the States we’ve held some for sixteen years.

And those are the ones on the books.


Is this some unfortunate ploy to woo Trump?

Roger that!


But wait, in order for his criminal record to be relevant to his credibility, they would have to believe he was the person he said he was, since the record was attached to his actual identity!


He had been convicted or the guy he was “mistaken” for was convicted of these crimes? If the former, then CBSA is admitting his identity so credibility doesn’t come into play, if the latter than that’s irrelevant.

Edited to add: A.k.a., what @Lexisaurus said.


It’s almost as if they’re lying.


Normally I’m against an eye for an eye, but the Zollgrenzschutz responsible for this should be thrown in a hole for eight months.


I suppose they could have thought that Ogunye had never in fact entered Canada at all - that Johnson tried to enter Canada as a refugee, was turned away, and returned a little later impersonating another Nigerian man, Ogunye.

So every record in of anything “Ogunye” had done in Canada, would have actually about something Johnson did under his false identity.

Whether that’s a logically possible sequence of events all depends on timelines not provided in the CBC article - it just says both Johnson’s failed refugee attempt and Ogunye’s immigration to Canada happened “in the 1990s”.

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Hang on… are you using … LOGIC?
(You do know this permanently disqualifies you from any public service role.)


we’re not all maple syrup lollipops

I use them [maple syrup lollipops] to stir my Whiskey.


I know - it’s bad - bad Canadians - sorry - I also hopes he gets all $10 mil

and concurrently, any time I hear the name Johnson I immediately:



Just watched the Spy Who Shagged Me again last night with my kid…


Meanwhile, in Guantanamo Bay, prisoners are still being held without charge for the past 16 years.

And an outdoor tent internment camp is being constructed exclusively for the thousands of children American authorities are currently ripping away from their asylum seeking parents, where the kids will be held without charge indefinitely.

Canadians are just amateurs at this sort of thing.


One the one hand, that’s fucking awful.

On the other hand, it gives Canada a chance to show how a government can properly apologize to a person they’ve so badly wronged. Which I have a lot more hope for than their neighbor to the south ever doing.


Ten, eight, or six months? The article here mentions all three.

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Once you are on Canadian soil you are protected by the Charter of Rights & Freedoms.
This doesn’t excuse Canada using JTF2 for renditioning suspected terrorists from various middle Eastern locations to black sites as basically subcontractors for the US government so Powell, Cheney, Bush et al could truthfully say the US wasn’t doing it in the early stages of the “war on terror”.


This canadian citizen says double it, treble it, and I’ll pay my taxes with a smile. But also, fire every motherfucker who handled this case and make sure they never work in government again. Maybe garnish their wages to recover some of the cost.


If it doesn’t involve the heads of the officers responsible on spikes in front of their office, it’s not a proper apology. Pour décourager les autres.

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It sounds like that’s exactly what happened:
Ogunye says he was told the CBSA believed he was actually Johnson, who had returned to Canada illegally and assumed Ogunye’s identity. Those fingerprints, according to court documents, were never produced by the CBSA to Ogunye.

Hard to say why he got abandoned for 8 months. I’m assuming they locked him up and whomever was supposed to handle the file got behind on their cases?

Reasonable question. Although the six months is stated to be the time he was held before they bothered to check with anyone whether he was who he claimed to be rather than the total time he was held, so it’s really only 10 or 8 months.

If you read the linked article, the time incarcerated is quite clear though:

But his citizenship and Ontario health cards did not convince CBSA officers of his identity when they approached him outside his Toronto home on June 1, 2016, as he was headed to work at the hair salon he owned.


Ogunye says he was locked up for a total of eight months, from June 2016 through February 2017, spending a month at Maplehurst Correctional Complex in Milton, Ont., and the rest of his time at Central East Correctional Centre in Lindsay, Ont., a medium/maximum security prison. Because of almost daily lockdowns, Ogunye claims, he was unable to contact family members.


On Feb. 4, 2017, he was released. CBSA issued a report on his release, detailing efforts to interview members of Ogunye’s family. The first interview was conducted 6½ months after his initial arrest.

So, arrested 1st June 2016, released 4th February 2017.

It’s annoying that although there’s mention of CBSA report, they don’t link to it (and I can’t find it anywhere else).

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