Canadian government records censored with Scotch tape, paper


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I thought that this story was going to be about using scotch tape and paper, and then photocopying.

Using just scotch tape and paper, though… I don’t think these people grok the purpose of redaction.


The step where they were supposed to photocopy the masked document and send the photocopy was omitted.


Down here in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, we flay the skin off small children and use that to cover up our state secrets.


At least we’re past the day where someone would put the document in a sealed envelope, and then fax the envelope, right?



To be fair, this technique works flawlessly when the redacted documents are sent to other Canadians.


This sounds like a good way to comply with the order to censor the document, while ‘accidentally’ leaking it to the public.

Unless, of course the journalist involved writes about it.


omitted? they optimized the workflow! the consultants are proud, they taught the governmental wasters a valuable lesson in efficiency.


awwwww an intern is gonna get fired now you guys! That poor kid!


Hey! Here in Canada we respect it when people ask us not to peek!


hey, if you don’t want us to read it, we just don’t.
we’re polite like that.
canada: where not even older sisters’ diaries need locks


I bet they put the redacted photocopy back in the files and sent the original. That ought to be fun to explain…


This must have been an ultra-secret document. Usually we just attach a note saying, “Please don’t read paragraphs 2 and 4 on page 7. Thanks, eh?”


They used to do that, but Canadians kept writing back to say that they were really, really sorry, but they accidentally saw a forbidden part of the document, and could the office please change reality now so that it doesn’t match with what they saw?

These pieces of paper were just to make it easier for the poor Canadians trying to do the right thing.


All these jokes at Canadians’ expense are funny but we’re forgetting that Canada slipped secret listening devices into the Pentagon*.

In the form of commemorative coins no less. Here’s a picture of one of those “devices”:

*Spoiler alert: not really.


But The Thing is real - and a fascinating piece of cloak-and-dagger history.


For some reason this reminded me of an incident at work. We were required to display an approximately 4"x6" parking pass on the dashboard. When we acquired a 2nd car I attempted to obtain a 2nd pass, just in case. That request was refused, which wasn’t too illogical.

But the ‘pass’ was very simple and black & white. Like many other folks, I simply photocopied it, trimmed to size, and placed the copy in car #2. It passed muster for months.

Then I heard from another employee that his brother was ticketed for displaying a photocopy on his dash. This alarmed me until I got more details. I asked: “How thoroughly did they check?”

“Oh, they saw right away,” came the reply. Seems Poindexter was too lazy to even trim the paper. He had put the full 8" x 11" paper copy on the dash.


Reminds me of stupid email disclaimers like:

  • This email is private and confidential and is intended for recipients only. If you are not the intended recipient, any disclosure, copying, distribution or any action taken or omitted to be taken in reliance on the information in this e-mail is prohibited and may be unlawful.

Yes sir, right away!


Theremin invented this!?!?! I guess it didn’t make odd squealing noises.


My guess is that there’s a redacted photocopy where the original used to be.

Someone didn’t get enough sleep before coming to work :slight_smile: