Canadian gov't economists insist that stats on collapsing middle class mean just the opposite


I am confident the censored sections contained delicate military secrets. Agents’ lives may be in jeopardy if their names are revealed.


Sounds like the hired economists from the Fraser Insitute to cook the books.

No, probably not. The Tories have been systematically suppressing any civil servants who don’t toe the line. Telling the Masters what they want to hear is a career survival trait, even more so than in previous governments.


“Class mobility” is sales pitch that conservatives trot out to justify the existence of the hyper-rich.

With enough moxy and gumption, damnit, you might make it, too!


“There is no second wave of women, spouses, entering the workforce,” said New Democrat MP Nathan Cullen, the opposition’s finance critic.

No second wave? I thought that’s what children were for.

Yeah, you’re right, it’s just that you don’t usually get such creative reimaginings of the data coming from someone other than them.

Dear Canada,
You seem to be acting up a lot recently, and behaving like your cousin Australia, and we just want you to know that you don’t need to elect a bunch of idiots to get our attention, we’ll still love you anyway.
the rest of the Commonwealth.

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