Canada's new Liberal majority: better than the Tories, still terrible for the Internet

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So, if my translation from the original Canadian is correct; you finally got rid of the republican; but elected a democrat.


At least on the C-51 side of things, apparently changes are already in motion. So at least they’re getting more specific about what they plan to change.

For those of us that still live here, it is generally accepted that Trudeau’s implementation of the War Measures Act, while distasteful, was necessary under the circumstances & it is worth reminding everyone that the Quebec government and the city of Montreal specifically requested its enactment, it was not done unilaterally by the Trudeau government.


Not to mention the obvious point that Trudeau the younger is an entirely separate person from his father.


It may miss the nuances but that is a fair translation.

Sadly, the worst of the political left and right each have a list of freedoms that they want to deny to the citizens.

Gosh those Canucks sure can pick’em.

Like most elections in most places, there’s no one option that is going to give us the best of everything. In particular, I was pretty jazzed about the NDP’s proposal of $15/day universal country-wide daycare. That alone would have saved me something like $16,000 next year for my two kids. But I lacked confidence in the NDP’s ability to actually implement such a system once they were in power.

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“(Remember, Justin Trudeau’s father once placed Canada under Martial Law)”

No, he did not. Go and educate yourself.

The further left Canadian party the NDP actually opposed all these restrictions to internet freedom and promised to repeal them if elected. Liberals are a centrist party, and US doesn’t have an equivalent to the NDP.


To be fair, centrist is a goal, not a designation, for that party, one they cleave to when elections roll around but outside that they’ll happily describe themselves as right-of-centre to try and strengthen themselves in the areas where their support is weak.

Among the 3 majors, the NDP are the only that remain left of centre, substantially so, but the past 10 years have seen them being dragged toward the centre too. Hence poor Mulcair’s accepting the election’s focus on the economy despite that being so only because the other parties insisted on it.

Yes, Trudeau & Co are totally the Democrats of the North, perfectly willing to cave on security/civil liberty/gun etc issues for fear of being called wimps by the Tories and the Blue Liberals that often dictate policy to them.


Truth he did not, the military never acted autonomously.

The threat J. Trudeau & Co. represent is the same that Cory discussed in detail before invoking martial law (HA) in that he is a true corporatist, privileged member of the elite who absolutely will not hesitate to sell out further for profit or political certainty.

The threat that he’ll use the military on the populace is non-existent at this time.

The article you linked to specifically states that martial law hadn’t been imposed.

War powers were used to grant the police the means necessary to thwart a terrorist organization that had murdered a politician and taken a diplomat hostage. But compare that situation with the hunt for the Boston Marathon terrorists.

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Day 4: The celebration ends, the doomsaying begins.

The outrage engines completed their maintenance cycle and are ready to resume clattering.


Trudeau …said, opposing it would give the Tories a stick to beat them with during the election.

There’s the rub. On both sides of the border, the candidate who is most afraid wins. Pants-wetting terror is the new courage.

Not completely correct. Our Conservatives are honestly closer to your democrats, (most of the time, harper definitely pushed them further right), and our liberals are way more left wing than either of the american parties. But yes, we moved from a more right govmt to a much more left wing style govmt.


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