Canadian government has turned "consultation" on warrantless mass surveillance into a sales-job


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Please tell me it’s the time machine…
Please tell me it’s the time machine…



Yes, I did that, it was me.


The liberals campaign from the left, and govern from the right. In the year that they’ve taken office, they’ve said quite a few nice things. And they maybe even believed them when they said them. But when it comes to actually making and carrying through with the hard decisions like this (also on climate change and aboriginal affairs), the Liberals are showing themselves to be just Conservative-lite.


Bleh. Even I had hope for a while that my home would turn the shitshow around.

Oh well, time to go back to tinkering with the old doom laser/monologue/snappy outfit.

Maybe I should put out a classified ad looking for minions?


But Trudeau is so handsome…


Wow. Deja vu. This sounds just like when Obama was running and promised transparency, and to rein this shit in, and then immediately turned around and did the exact opposite.


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