Canadian "Road Rage"


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That display of road rage was brutal


Those Canuks are vicious.


“Road Rage”…

Uh, I don’t think that means what you think it means…


Geez, how about a little warning? There could be children watching! Won’t someone please think of the children!?!?


This is Canada
We gots the syrups eh
We all being friendly eh
We likes da Molson eh

This is Canada
We gots the mounties eh
Trudeau’s a hottie eh
We be sooper friendly eh

This is Canada



As it should be! :joy:


Whew! Almost had a heart attack eh. I’m sorry eh. Good, good… eh, let’s all have a Moulson’s eh. I like Canada… a lot.


Oh yeah, sure, you all find it endearing now but don’t you see how never ending apologies can migrate into stalking if you don’t put an end to it, fast?


F*cking socialists! Taking something as pure and beautiful as road rage and sucking the fun right out of it. Handshakes. Bah! It’s supposed to be fist shakes! /s

When I was stationed in England in the late 80s, I was on my motorcycle and entered a roundabout near Bicester without paying the proper amount of attention. I may have looked the wrong way, since I’m a Yank and all. The only thing that kept me from dying is that I panicked in the proper way and gunned it straight for the center, whereupon I hit the grass and fell over. Several drivers stopped to see if I was okay. I felt like a complete fool.


Huh? There were only half a dozen apologies and no offers of pints. Those dudes were pissed!


Every day, horrific scenes like this play out across the blighted arctic wasteland that is Cana… who the heck am I kidding, eh? It’s nice up there, real nice. Like Minnesota everywhere. Those fellas shoulda had a beer or at least exchanged a hockey story “felt like when that big forward skated backwards into me on Sunday, woo weee!” “and I was listening to some Tragically Hip that was just tragically good and wasn’t paying proper attention to my odometer, I’ll do better next time, eh”


So simple, so eleoquent, so Canadian. Who is Macron eh?


Here is the incident in full Just a note to all you non Canadians out there we don’t have a Memorial day holiday we hav Victoria day and we do not, I repeat, DO NOT say “Sir” which is clearly a military indoctrination tic. So I say own this lovely ending to an almost tragic story those who dwell in the middle of North America!


I totally whiffed on which French guy I was talking aboot.

Honestly…I’d take either macron or Trudeau given we are stuck with Drumpf.





Missed the fine print…

* Excludes the Greater Toronto Area


Can we get a Canadian driver exchange program set up for Northern Virginia?


Are you kidding me? I’d take the average Canadian/Canadien over drumpf. Won’t you come invade us? Oh Canada!