Canadian woman banned from US for life after border agent searches phone, finds email to doctor about drug use


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By now, the whole world should know that when you intend to enter the US, you never take with you (i) your phone, (ii) your laptop, (iii) other handhelds that your use at home. Buy a cheap prepaid phone just for the trip. Further, keep a Facebook account with your real name, and post cat pictures on it, but keep your political views to your OTHER Facebook account, for which you use a nick name. (Under no circumstances have NO Facebook account. You will risk being waterboarded for not having one.) Those are the basics. Also, try not to have your face published online in compromising situations.

What I learned from this news is that it’s best to also maintain a superficial, ‘public’ email account.


By now, the whole world should know that when you intend not to enter the US.


I must admit I have mixed emotions about this, since I was refused entry to Toronto & deported due to a previous criminal conviction. Canada won’t let in if you’ve had a DWI or marijuana conviction.


It’s not so easy when you have family living on both sides of what was once a friendly border.


Yea, but how many people want to go to Canada?


Speaking generally, there’s a process you can go through to deal with this (but in many cases it doesn’t work out because DWI is not treated seriously enough in US juridictions, such that getting whatever the required US equivalent of a Canadian “pardon” is for the conviction is not really possible).

Drunk driving is a pretty big deal here.


That’s pretty ridiculous considering the decent amount of shirtless pot smoking dudes in public parks in Toronto.


Are you sending around a sign up sheet? I’ll go.


A conviction is a bit different from what should be private communication with one’s doctor, no?


The right to engage in private correspondence is the province of civilized countries.


Yeah, I know. Hence the “should”.


Been twice in the last six months, would go again. Was planning to go hitchhiking through Alberta and BC last month, until work things changed and I had to return home early.


I was in Montreal and Quebec this summer, had a wonderful time. Beautiful places and nice people.


I love going to Canada! When can I go again?


What have we become America?


We are moving towards the thing we hated the most. We defeated the evil Soviet Empire and now we are becoming them. Our NSA makes the KGB look quaint.


Anyone with any taste at all?


I do love me some Canada. Pass me the poutine and a molson, eh?


Welllllll, the NSA doesn’t “disappear” people for political speech. So the KGB does not look quaint just yet.