Canadians save shark from choking to death on moose




So this is how Canadians celebrate Shark Week.


Break for Moose. It WILL save your life.


I hate it when people intervene with natural selection. I mean, how are sharks supposed to learn not to eat moose if people keep saving them?


They were saving us from the evolution of Land Sharks… Thank you Canada!


My sister choked to death on a møøse once. No, realli!


why was there a piece of moose at the beach?


Give the poor shark a break. It thought it was having a nice chocolate mousse for dessert.


Oblig link to Gotta Get Me Moose B’y

If you need help with the language, start here:


Now that I think about it, it is the opposite… They are hastening the coming of the land shark. They let this one go to reproduce its landlubbing, moose-munching genes – who knows what its progeny will be capable of…
Darn you Canadia, Darn you to Heck!


Pretty sure tragedy was not averted for the moose.


For some reason when I read this blog post I was reminded of Rob Ford.


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