Candid Wall Street barons worry that GOP tax plan will lead to literal euthanasia of the rentier

Protip 3: Don’t count on them staying non-violent, no matter how hard you try. In fact, try not to have a revolution if humanly possible. And if there is a revolution, don’t be one of the revolutionaries. You’re probably going to be purged by one of the later waves of revolution, or the strongman regime that is most likely to follow.

Things in the US are not good, and in some ways, they’re getting very much worse (while in other ways, things are getting much better quite fast). But you’re nowhere near the point where a revolution would be a good idea, IMO.

They spent the Obama years screaming and saying “NO!” to everything. Eight years is a long time, more than enough for the Republicans’ legislative skills to atrophy from the lack of use. And looking at the House, with its two-year terms, you could easily have a Republican representative with several terms under their belt, who had never actually had to do their job, ie. legislate.


When the next recession comes, we need to more insistently blame the asshole rich bastards who caused it. And, take their money away so they can’t do it again. They keep doing it and we keep letting them.


“…euthanasia of the rentier…”

But they are so cute, and an important part of the ecosystem!


Those people have made so much thanks to the policies they’ve caused to be enacted that at worst they’ll be extremely wealthy instead of obscenely wealthy.


True, and, sadly, just like any other invention, the law of unintended consequences jumped in. Now that executions were more palatable, the number of executions increased radically.

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The shit hits the fan in the next quarter.

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That’s the plan, no more Christmas for the poor. Only those that can afford to fly their own airplane to the North Pole would get presents.


I thought that the GOP had Santa deported back to Lapland? Besides that, he’s a communist. Giving stuff away has no place in their worldview.


Here’s a sick, twisted idea: how many people know what Sheldon Adelson looks like? Who would come looking for him if, say, a taxi dropped him off at the wrong corner, his phone stopped working, his passwords were all changed?

Hmm, I think I just hatched a plot for an “airport bookstore” thriller.

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This drives me nuts. I thought, “Well their plans may be crap, and economic theories bogus, but presumably they’ve put a lot of thought into them.” Then read something like this regarding the Graham-Cassidy repeal attempt:

Essentially: “I have no idea what’s going on, and apparently nobody else does either. But I trust that some smart person will eventually prove the thing we’re trying to do is good and there’s a way to accomplish it.”

What the bloody hell?


Nearly a third of adult Americans believe him. That’s the trouble.

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I guess this is the Tea Party effect - Republicans voted in total idiots who didn’t know anything. So suddenly the legislators are in the perfect position to advance their agenda, but they’re all saying, “Where are the smart guys who were supposed to be writing our legislation? Wait, was that supposed to be us? Uhhh, well, I guess we can come up with something…
Trump being the epitome of that - all the campaign talk about how easy health care would be to solve, and what amazing policies he had, that everyone would be so happy with, but at the very same time, he’s expecting someone else will magically write the bill that fulfills his promises: “I thought that when I won I would go to the Oval Office, sit down at my desk, and there would be a health care bill on my desk, to be honest.” I’m honestly amazed that the people who voted for him weren’t burning his effigy after he said that, because it revealed his whole campaign to be a lie.



Keeping it peaceful is a thing that requires work, courage, brains and luck. It ain’t easy.

Which is one of the reasons why you don’t want to leave it until the last minute. The more intense the oppression, the lower the possibility of a peaceful response.

It certainly isn’t something that you’d choose when there is a realistic possibility of a less risky path to follow.

YMMV, but I do not see such a path.

US electoral administration is under the control of fascists who have clearly shown their intention to use that power to whatever degree is necessary to maintain dominance.

The status quo is not survivable.

The US is already contributing to international mass murder, and is very obviously gearing up for another war.

“Good German” is not a role that I find admirable.


I do not see any realistic chance of deposing the Trumpists by constitutional means. I do see an obvious and rapid trajectory of the Trumpists into full-scale mass-slaughter fascism.

I also see a current reality in which millions of poor Americans are functionally enslaved in a brutally biased carceral state, where poor Americans are routinely murdered by police with no chance of justice, where poor Americans are being crushed beneath increasingly unfettered corporate feudalism.

America is already having a fascist revolution. It began a year ago, and it continues today. There is a socialist counter-revolution brewing in response.

It is going to blow eventually; the working class can not and will not tolerate the pressure forever. The sooner it goes, the better the chance of a relatively peaceful and positive outcome.



Those are dire economic times, in which Vanity Fair can’t afford editors…

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Um no :roll_eyes: Joe Hill did not write those particular words

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I’m sure Joe copied them down at least once. :wink:

If businesses are being given all this money on the basis that they will definitely spend it on wages and new jobs, why not publicise that inspiring activity?

Perhaps there could be a simple, accessible public register of how much additional cash each business is getting every quarter, and how much they’re spending on wages? I think it’d really boost public confidence to see all the extra dollars flowing into workers’ pockets; no doubt Republicans would agree it’s worth spending a few million dollars a year to maintain and publicise this record, which would shine a bright, unwavering spotlight on the generous gift they’re giving to normal people. If Democrats were to insist on such an amendment to the tax bill, that would be a heartwarming act of bipartisanship. Failing that, perhaps activist citizens could take on the task as a display of their gratitude.

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