Drums of War




I know, I see, I feel and yes I fear it everyday
These egos their minds and games
With all their power could end our days
Still the sun it shines and the moon it sinks with grace
It’s such a shame that all this shit exists
Here on this earth, this magical place

I’m doing fine

Yes you have the funds and size
and power to make some change
What you have will break their smiles
So many people so many ways
Each child who walks their line
Should be free to run their race
It’s such a shame that all this shit exists
Here on this earth, this magical place

I’m doing fine


Is Trump Hitler?


For the same reason as why Mussolini wasn’t Hitler and Franco wasn’t Hitler. No two fascists are the same; every country that falls down this hole gets its own unique horrorshow.

Is Trump as dangerous as Hitler?


He is much, much worse.

Hitler was leading a broken nation that was militarily matched by the Western Allies and outmatched by the Soviets. He had an intelligence apparatus based upon radio and typewriters.

Trump has the most ludicrously over-funded military in the history of the world, with global reach, instantly apocalyptic potential and no real competition. And an espionage apparatus that would have made Himmler cum in his pants.

If you aren’t scared shitless, you don’t understand the situation.


Rounding errors. Rounding errors justify a lot.

So much to say, but let me add one thing: The soviets didn’t even have typewriters.

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They still kicked Hitler’s arse, though. :wink:

The situation is not hopeless.

But it is dire, and the clock is ticking. Every day reduces the chance of a peaceful solution and increases the certainty of catastrophe.

  • Politico article from 2015, when Obama was in office
  • The Nation article which basically says Bannin is an anti-Michael Moore and so QED he wants to start the next global war
  • Politico again where if you squint real hard, the article almost makes sense but mostly looks like sloppy op-ed
  • WaPo reporting on one year, not a trend

Honestly this is like some kinda Ancient Astronaut connecting dots in one region ignoring two other linked hotspots of low likelihood but high hype.

Tell ya what, I got $100 US says no new war with US direct involvement concerning Iran while POTUS Trump is in office.

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The US empire has not notably contracted since then.

It says that Bannon is a demented bigot who views an apocalyptic war of white Christians vs everyone else as inevitable.

Key sentence: What he has done is cede warmaking authority to Secretary of Defense James Mattis, who now reportedly has plenary power to set objectives, allocate resources, and move troops

That “largest ever” $60bn sale in 2010 has since been followed by the new $350bn deal.

They’re trying to get the Saudis to attack Iran.


So are you gonna take the bet?

It’ll be the Saudi Alliance vs Iran. The US/Russian troops will come in as “peacekeepers”.


Maybe aiding war crimes? I’d say just supporting the Saudis war of attrition is enough to call that.


What could go wrong?




The beating of chests will continue, and other heartless things to say.

“In a Tuesday interview on The Today Show, Graham said the US should not only take out the country’s nukes, but “North Korea itself.””

Graham said. “If there is going to be a war to stop him, it will be over there. If thousands die, they are going to die there, they’re not going to die here.”



Thats not a rounding error, that’s a statement about who gets to be seen as people.


More 'murica talk indeed. Brown people, yellow people, they ain’t white like us. So what if they die. Uggggh.

He’s shrink wrapping hamburger so the public won’t see the slaughter house.


Why not both, since millions could die.


millions would, but only a fraction of those ‘count’ to Sen Graham Cracker.


I’m entering a level of dread with the whole NK situation that I haven’t felt since the height of Cold War tensions in the early 1980s. It doesn’t help that the level of callousness and “othering” being displayed now is utterly shocking to me as well.


It seems we are in agreement, o tim’rous beastie.


It doesn’t help that you and I live in theoretical range of NK missiles. Probably not actual realistic range but I sure bet they would try if we attacked.


Those of us in the actual range of their missiles OTOH have become a bit tired of all this by now. Still I’m not going to count the comments of Senator Graham as the beating of drums even I have an actual stake in this: my own life.