Yemen's Deliberately Created Catastrophe


Background from a year ago:

The situation is much worse now.

Current events:

Warning: given the nature of the subject, this thread is likely to feature disturbing imagery. Posters may wish to spoiler overly gruesome pictures.

Candid Wall Street barons worry that GOP tax plan will lead to literal euthanasia of the rentier

Warning: high impact imagery.


Some Saudi-controlled airports opened, no news on the ports.

It may be possible to get enough food through the two open airports and then into Houthi territory, but I doubt it.


FYI (this is from several years ago):

And looky who has a new book coming out in January…

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The Intercepted Podcast is on topic this week:

Jeremy’s intro rant is worthwhile, as usual:




Douglas Adams was being satiric when he said the job of the president is to distract from the real sources of power… now we have a both more amazing and more depressing choice than Zaphod Beeblebrox.


Trump is getting pretty close to a Brunner President.

“Politics as a branch of Organised Crime” is probably the simplest way to summarise Brunner’s take on it.


There’s a lot more on Hussain and Ahmad’s Twitter feeds, but most of the rest of it is includes images of corpses.







When this war started, the Saudis bombed water treatment plants, food warehouses and distribution centers, electricity generating facilities, port facilities not in their control, and hospitals.

All we see now is merely the inevitable results of that initial attack.

The US serves the Saudis by providing the targetting information, by maintaining the planes, by selling the munitions and by refueling the planes in midair.

This was an Obama policy.

There is an argument that the Iranians arm the Houthi. It is never explained how the iranians smuggle weapons in given the port blockade and the heavy presence of the US navy. The Houthi are not coreligionists of the Iranians. They belong to another branch of Shiia.

Finally the washington think tanks like to claim that the war has had 10k casualties. This was the same figure they cited 2 years ago. It wasnt true then. Famine, dirty water, and bombing of food depots suggest a death toll closer to 500k

And the Saudis will lose.





Just keep in mind the mass murdering Saudis are our allies. Oh Joy!