Sean Spicer claims that Houthi rebel assault on Saudi frigate was an Iranian attack on a US warship


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It’s a Gulf of Tonkin Incident for a new generation.


Iranians? Well, that’s just a rumor that was spread around town. . .

Now, once we can gear up for war that will really boost the economy-- arms dealers, ammunition suppliers, aircraft manufacturers, casket companies. . . .


That weasel Spicer wouldn’t know a FACT if it came up and kicked him in his fascist ass.


Better fire his ass for not being with the porgrom


Is this some sort of dark twisted performance art?


I wonder how much the NSA is spying on us right now.

Surely, all bets are off.


+1 Conspiracy Theory.

When I was looking into Trump’s cabinet, I mentioned that the untold story was that we were going to war with Iran. I figured they’d try to stick it into the later years, when they could say “we can’t change presidents in a time of war!”, but I guess they can make war last as long as they want these days.


"…no one from the White House press corps corrected him or followed up"
Except the person in the front row who immediately clarified that it was a Saudi vessel, which Spicer acknowledged was correct.
Still, the notion that it was Iranian forces wasn’t challenged, which is alarming and dangerous enough.


This was then:


Trump was already telegraphing motives to attack Iran during the campaign, his word-salad about Iran in the debates wasn’t intelligible but was very hawkish, and his cabinet picks made it very clear that they want to invade. The GOP’s been obsessed with invading Iran for a long time. There’s also this (sponsored by a Dem. :frowning: )


Or that Iran would be “put on notice” for something that doesn’t concern us (no matter who the attackers were).
The “bad” Muslims (no business ties to donald) attacked the “good” Muslims (the ones that supply our oil) on the other side of the globe and we’re suddenly laying the ground work for justifying military action?


Trumpian jazz on ‘Remember the Maine’.

I expect FOX to gleefully play the role of William Randolph Hearst.



this guy is bad at his job.


I think it is, but without “art” in the description.


This dude is seriously whacked out.


What appears to have happened is that Houthi suicide boats attacked this ship-

And did so in an area where American ships, including this one-

have been attacked multiple times. The recording of the attack, released on the internet, includes the filmmakers shouting “Death to America! …Death to Israel!”
The Houthi rebels are not the Iranian Military. But they have Iranian support.

even so, the Houthis routinely attack Saudi forces, and I have not heard any information that Iranians are actually directing Houthi attacks. So unless they have secret proof, it is not the Iranians.
In October, the Houthis did use a missile to destroy this ship belonging to the UAE-

Which had previously been the US Navy’s HSV-2 “Swift”


This time whatever he does, he won’t have ANY support whatsoever from any of our historical allies.


Plus, after 8 years, when the wars have exhausted all jingioistic enthusiasm, they can just make sure the Democrat who comes into office and tries to wind the wars down is constantly accused of “involving the U.S. in needless wars” except when he does successfully draw down, he’s accused of “cutting and running”