Can't unlike a post

I accidentally liked a post (I was looking at it threaded and meant to like a reply to the OP). Normally, I can then unlike the post I liked by mistake, but for some reason, I am unable to this time. The post is from flyoverland in the Lizz Winstead BB thread.

Please help me - this is a tremendous hit to my (already questionable) credibility.

Edited to add: I also see that whenever I go into that discussion now my name disappears from the BBS header. It shows up in other discussions, and I still seem to be logged in because I can click the word balloon and see my history trail.

Edited again to add: oh, wait, I am a dummy - I have never noticed that if you scroll down a topic that your name always disappears from the header. Out of curiosity, why is that?

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Discourse’s heuristics have detected your fear of commitment and are here to help. Please do not resist measures that are for your own good.


But I am very committed to my non-commitment!

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Solution: Like every post in that thread. Then it’s like you’ve liked nothing at all.


I like it!


You can only unlike for 5 minutes after liking – after that 5 minute grace period, the like is locked in.

Cool - I figured it was probably something like that, I just had never run into it before.

Are you sure about that?

Does the clock re-set if you like, then unlike, and like again?

Not sure. It should to prevent griefing.


I actually find all this stuff very interesting - noticing things like what will get me an “edited” icon, versus what won’t, for example - still not sure if it’s a time thing, a content thing, or a combination of them. For instance, I don’t think I have ever gotten an edited icon for correcting capitalization, but that might just be because I notice that right after I post.

There is a 5 minute grace period for editing where editing does not create a new revision.

Otherwise there would be tons of noise “revisions” from people quickly fixing small errors in their new posts.

To say nothing of the dreaded “this revision is too similar to your original post” if you catch the typo after 5 minutes.

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That only happens if the only “revision” is whitespace.

But proper whitespace is critical to good design!


Read this as “can’t unlick a post”


Is it possible to view other user’s edits? I know that if I click on the red pencil edit icon on my own posts, I can see that post’s revision history. However, in other user’s posts that icon appears but is grey/un-clickable.

The BBS community requested that be disabled.


Ah, yes, I’m remembering now: sometimes outside quotes cause extra lines or line breaks in the middle of the line which aren’t evident (if you don’t preview) until the post actually prints.

You’re going to tell me to hit preview if I’m quoting from outside sources, aren’t you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Can we make it so I can like my own posts? Sometimes I’m just the funniest, I crack myself up. (see, I’d like to like this)